[Announcement] Flying Primarchs & Alliances


If the group was asked to respond, that is good. However, we should probably know who is in that group so we can take their responses with more than a grain of salt.


I personally like not having the ability to attack alliance members. In theory, it will spur more action; in practice, I have confidence in the creativity of players to arrange GP trades with other alliances if they desire.


or they can just leave safe passage as it is less work. but I think temporary safe passage is much better.


I was thinking about that as I was driving but the problem that lies with the two, at least from what i see is if you aren’t in an alliance you can’t go through their land but you can swap glory but if you are you can’t swap and can pass through land. To do the manual passage will help alleviate this issue.


Most teams I know of have teams they are friends with outside of their formal alliance, so they will still have options for glory swapping with those “frienemies” that aren’t allies. Or they could get glory attacking enemies :man_shrugging:t2:.

I am hoping for some type of passage grants too though.


Do you know the process of getting out? Does everyone have to agree or is it just a kick button like when you kick a teammate out of a regular team?


I would hope it would be like a majority vote type of thing for both accepting and kicking. If majority of alliance pushes the kick button you are then kicked.


Oh, I agree about passage. Up above I was hoping a “toll system” could be layered in as part of a passage system as was discussed at times during beta.


Where my team’s land is right now I could not move to a safezone with a bunch of troops because I have a few teams in each direction. then an island in the middle which is NML. If i wanted to move out to get glory not to rock the boat at home I couldn’t. when they get rid of the sometimes useless portals I will really be stuck. There has to be a way for a team in my position to be able to venture off without depending on the politics of Atlas.


Dave will have to answer that (about teams joining/leaving/getting kicked/etc). I haven’t heard, so I would be speculating and I won’t do that (at least not share my speculations :laughing:)


One upside… although it makes it so you can’t get out, unless (1) passage granting is reinstated or (2) you capture new land… it also means enemies cannot reach you! The only teams who can reach you are your direct neighbors, so if you are cool with them, then you are completely safe for now…


I was trying to read the proposal thread but there were so many post. How would battle across region work. So let’s say someone wants to steal land. The land is the same layout as ours basically away. How do you get there? Now, with manual passage you can ask. What is the plan for the future?


I like the idea of flying primarch but would like it to be: Instant flying to ANY save zone, ANY no man’s land, any of your own castles and any territory in your alliance. Anything else can be linked to traveling time (limited of course)

I honestly think granting passage outside of your alliance is necessary, it’s pointless putting teams under fire just because they are on your path to the enemy and you might have teams that’s not necessarily in your alliance but are no threat either.

June Atlas Mechanics Patch

So no one in this group, brought up the cons to taking away manual passage? At least some part of the game is consulting with community members though :man_shrugging:t4:


We brought it up, saw others bringing it up here and in chat rooms, and are discussing options with PG Dave :+1:t2:


It was mentioned that likely the team that creates the alliance will have control of the alliance, but who knows how that plays out.

(I guess I will speculate some)

I think the least complex method of management will likely be the first revision. Especially since we want to avoid adding tons of new problems


so…how do you capture new land if you cant get out…


Lol was speaking on before public release. At this point it seems pg will go about pushing this out with the update and look to fix it later. If it was brought up earlier, possibly it was and just was dismissed by dave. Passage could’ve still been included in the update.


For perspective, the original proposal was a lot different and while it seems like a no brainer, it wasn’t among the most pressing issues.

I’m not sure anyone disagrees that some kind of non-alliance passage needs to be added.


There might be time still, I cannot say for sure, but other changes have been made to the travel update in the past 48 hours, so don’t dispare… and don’t dispare anyhow, because this is the first set of changes, not the final set, so you won’t be stuck with the results.