[Announcement] Flying Primarchs & Alliances


@Aphrodite32 They’ll probably want to acquire some land near a safe zone. If that seems like an impossible task at the moment, I expect it will feel very in reach after our next land expansion.


Trying to mix it up and get that mobility… Just want to be sure it doesn’t disproportionately affect smaller/newer teams.


I believe implementation of this will be:

  1. If you are in an alliance, all teams in that alliance automatically has free passage through your land
  2. You can manually grant passage to another team (not alliance)
  3. Once manual free passage granted it is active in all your castles so no need to activate castle by castle


Yes, after my post Dave changed it :grimacing:.

It will be granting passage to teams (lime now) not to alliances like was briefly the plan.

It will apply to all of your cities at once.


thank you for taking into account of our concerns and make the changes!

please also re-consider the “alliance will show same colour”, I have stated my reasoning


Flying primarchs destroys the balance of the various primarch types. Eg:

A rusher is really fast for a reason, but has a weak attack to compensate.
A sieger is really slow for another reason, but has a very strong attack to compensate.

If all your primarchs zip across the map in 10 minutes, what’s the point of different stats?

And if you have to map out a path through unblockaded zones, flying straight there really makes no sense. It’s just an abstraction of movement and in generally very poorly thought out.


I think I have a good solution. Make everyone have flying dragons except Talarius since he doesn’t want them.


@Talarius The relative speeds will stay intact – ~10min was the average number (e.g., for a leveled up Fighter). A Rusher would be faster, and a Sieger slower.

“Flying” is a bit of a misnomer now – originally the Primarchs really did pick up and fly to your destination. But after discussion with the community and internally, we decided that Primarchs would still need to follow paths. Flying refers more to the speed now, than to the pathing … pathing is very similar to before, but basically now the game finds a safe path instead of the “shortest” path as in the path (shortest by distance, not by time when you accounted for blockades).


Also rushers and siegers have wildly different defense stats. Speed has never made much of a difference to me. I want to scream at them to hurry up regardless :joy:


I see. Originally it was said the flight would be a straight line.

What you mentioned makes WAY more sense.


Straight line vs not. The time is what matters right? The rest is just a graphics representation. It is not a real dragon that is really flying in a linear or non-linear fashion.


What if Atlas isn’t flat? :scream:


Then all your base are belong to us


what? not a real dragon? all these years and i am not controlling real dragons?

My life is now ruined.


Your wallet too :woman_shrugging:t3:


You must be on iOS. Android has real dragons. It can cause problems with the neighbors…


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@PGJared seriously, are flags not checked by mods or admins? Seems like everyone can flag for no reason at all on this forum :man_facepalming:


Not sure i like your tone young man.



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