Announcement in game


Like “Player just hatched Mythic Dragon Name, Congratulations!”.

“Player just obtained Mythic Glyph Name”

Only on league chat :grin::muscle:t4:

Also maybe a world shout item? Cost of rubies.


And this is useful, How ?


I sense some kind of trolling here :monkey: :smile:


Maybe they can send a game wide email letting everyone know when Ryuu is earned. :roll_eyes:


No. Just no. Tc is already swarmed in nonsense rss info.


Ahh. In lc. Yes. That would be cool. Also put rss info there. So we can see who send lots of rss.


Oh yeah! Definitely! :raised_hands:


how about automatically annouce on lc that you just raid XYZ amount of resource and earn ABC amount of gold from Atlas hunting


Also put in the info who bought what pack.

So we can laugh about ppl who buy the 70% off AI packs :rofl::rofl::rofl::+1:t4:


They wont do that, cheaters wil lbe exploited and players would know pg aint doing good job exterminating ‘em. :woman_shrugging:t3:


You mean there are some players who don’t buy official packs in the App Store and grow immensely anyways? And PG knows about that and don’t shut every single one of them down so legit players have to spend more to compete with those cheaters?

Noooooo waaaaaay!