ANNOUNCEMENT: Small change for auto upkeep behavior when a castle is surrendered

Hello Dragon Masters,

Today we are releasing a small update to auto upkeep behavior after a castle has been surrendered in Atlas. I will post a reply on this thread when this change is live.

  • Auto upkeep will no longer become disabled after surrendering a castle

    • If Team A had auto upkeep enabled and surrenders the castle to Team B, Team B will see auto upkeep is still enabled when they take ownership
  • If auto upkeep is disabled, notifications will still be sent to the new team after surrender

    • The timing is dependent on how close we are to the castle’s upkeep deadline:
      • If the upkeep deadline is beyond 24 hours, the new team will get the reminder notification at the 24 hour mark
      • If the upkeep deadline is inside 24 hours, the new team will get the reminder notification immediately after getting ownership of the castle

Please note that all other upkeep behavior remains the same for scenarios where a castle is not being surrendered.



Any chance you could also disable the team wide emails telling people that upkeep/auto upkeep has been paid? As a non-leader or officer I really do not need 30 notifications a week telling me it has been paid


This is now live.

I’ll create a ticket for the team to take a look at this. Do you think the best version is to create the option to turn it off or that no one needs them just disable them for everyone?

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If it’s doable then having the option to disable them would be fantastic. We could use a few more options to filter our notifications (like no more notifications for receiving resources or emails either). That way we dont have to toggle off all notifications but could toggle off the spammy ones

If it’s not doable though then just disable them for everyone. A system email to officers and leadership (maybe also the governor of that castle) would be fine so they know it was done but it really doesnt need to trigger a notification alert when outside of the game and the whole team really doesnt need to be messaged about it.


A mail just to leaders would be great. The system is already there for it with the auto kick notification mail.

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