Annoying bug when flying

Not sure if this is Android related or generic one but impossible to play when spells are blocked

@arelyna please help

Android :see_no_evil: dark is not good​:see_no_evil:

First time I’ve ever seen this! :joy:

So the avatar pic only appears when spells blocked?

I have seen this occasionally. Usually it resolves itself after a force restart.

@Grumpybigbird it appears to keep the avatar picture from the battle loading vs screen from what I have seen. Obviously that displaces the spells, makes flying a challenge.

Hey, maybe it’s a new event preview :grin::grin:

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It’s happened to i which its no biggie just restart your game it will go away its a android bug when ur data low or your internet is having a little bit of issues

Damn, my useless avatars never protect my base :confounded:

I’d want a permanent fix lol. Hate when it happens during a fly against big base

Oh my goodness! That is not a bug I’ve seen before, and definitely a weird one at that. If you’ve submitted a ticket, could you PM me the ticket number?

This bug has been existing for a long time now :see_no_evil:. Gonna submit a ticket now

Edit: Ticket #976155 @Arelyna


Thanks so much!

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