Another bug yay

using explosive aegis then lightning storm on huitzal on guard cancels the lightning storm @Arelyna i like using older dragons on this stage but for future dragons sake that has lightning storm it can be a downer

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How many targets were there to hit? Spells like thunder/lightning/divine storm will stop if there isnt another target to hit. they wont strike the same tower after having just hit it so there needs to be at least 2 for it to jump back and forth on. It also wont strike towers in the back if you cant see them when you cast the spell.

can when its on 4 and 5 it cancels it hits 2 towers then phoof it stops when u angis even when u see the towers which i did this many times in the past

I also noticed that Gunnar’s healing mark isn’t working on all the monuments in regular game now either. Not sure when that started happening but another negative for noctarn


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