Another cheater

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Cheating is getting out of hand here. Definitely lv47 towers need higher farms than that lv24 and 25 farm

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Maybe he just never got around to leveling them with all the food packs and wood packs he has? :man_shrugging:t3:

I don’t see how this is cheating :thinking: he probably prioritized his level 47 towers over his farms.

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U can’t have high level storage without having high level farms :see_no_evil:


I guess I didn’t know that since I’ve kept my farms as high as possible.

Either he’s loaded with money like Scrooge McDuck or he’s cheating. That’s a lot of wood packs to level up the storage

Very possible considering he has obsidian at his level

Actually, level 26 farms is all you need to level up max level storage according to amoeba :man_shrugging:t3:
Edit: but I agree it’s weird that he hasn’t leveled them up. Maybe he things it affects his level?


He has 2 farms at lv25 :joy:

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What level is his second farm? It’s hidden by the wind totem. If he only has 25 farm, then his towers can only go to 43 with a 57 storage.

shh, don’t teach them how to read tables :see_no_evil:

But don’t u need 2 at the same level to upgrade storage?

Last I checked you can use production boosts to cheat around farm requirements to a certain extent as well

Amoeba doesn’t say, and it’s been such a long time I don’t remember from the early levels. No sè.

Yes you can but very suspicious

Look at his medals. That’s way low. Not a problem on its own, he could be a spender.

But look at his dragons. Means he has had millions of egg tokens. He obv didnt farm those, so he bought gold chests -Those only come with timers.

Aka he would have a much higher level base.

At his base level you only need about 4k speedups, but you need 3.5m egg tokens for his dragons. Does not compute

Id say chances are almost 100% that account is fishy


And being that usually from a 100$ pack you get about 20 000 eggs, lets do the math to see how much he spent : 3 500 000 / 20 000 --> 175 x 100$ packs. Or 175 x 27 000 rubies makes for about 4.8 M rubies. Hmmm, it’s strange, but it fits what @warlord said in another topic about paying 1000$ for 5.5M rubies.

They might be big spenders or big cheaters. I remember in tug of war, in every rounds they went like 50k + points on a friend team.
Once I even saw them winning a round with 90k+ points that was insane

From a 100$ pack you get actually 27345 rubies and 20 goldchests + 1000 eggtoken.

from 20 golchest you get at average 4k, +1k its 5k…
If you open with that rubies missions and do them well, you will get for 9000 rubies about 24k eggtoken…

So with 100$ you are able to get arround 77k eggtoken… But yea, for that mission stuff you need elite and a lot of tactic… like with ember, or if you are at start, just doing much for later with lower dragon… what most people dont can or know.

That way it would be 46*100$ at best condition, but that mission doing stuff would take month of time… so its not like paying and getting… For people from different countries it can be even more expensive with same tactic, as for european people …

@EmrahT this is pure theory because for speeding up the first mission which pays out 80 egg tokens you would have to do over 950 runs.

Being jobless or a student with much free time yeah might be possible. But even if that’s sad to look in your phone for hours and days… sounds like a boring life.

@xVoldaRx is on spot you get on average 20k eggs out of a $100 pack using gold chests only. Sometimes it’s more sometimes less.

I often bought 3-5 packs and opened them all. The more you open the more random the drops get.

Talking about ppl who would have spent $17.5k for those dragons I believe their average egg token rate would be worse and below 20k per big pack.