Another clownery

So I have reported like 4-5 players from this team before the may ban (pan) But seeing there is many of them now, I wanted to post it here.
You should be sick to deal with all those accounts but when will this thing stop PG? I’m really sick of seeing them…

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I have stated that I prefer that cheaters be sent to me in a PM rather than posted directly on the forums. Posting them directly to the forum can lead to a witch hunt, but potentially by the time I have a chance to investigate, they also may have changed their name.

f you have concerns about a player in game - whether it be their messages, posts, behavior, or legitimacy of their account - and think they are breaking the Terms of Service (TOS) please report them in game!


Why didn’t you say so? I’ve got my pitchforks and the angry mobs ready. Jk

It never will stop until the game stops!

I have too! Nothing happens :roll_eyes: I’ve reported very very obvious cheaters then bookmarked them just to see what happens and hardly anything ever happens!
But let more then one account holder share an XP farm to manage for the PLAYERS and it’ll be down by the end of the night!

Most company’s that actually care about their product & the players wouldn’t stand for any of this!
Of course cheating is everywhere but when dealing with a reputable company they stop 90% of it before it even starts and the others get banned as soon as they are aware.
And most of the time it’s after a big update/expansion of players taking advantage of bugs/glitches.

Cheating is so widespread in this game right in front of PGs face and they do nothing about it…I’m seriously convinced they do these ban wave threads to try to show the players as they are doing something, when anyone who pays attention knows they really are not doing anything!

The careful cheater is great for business and increases competition so in their minds, why stop that? :roll_eyes:

They wait months and months and go after the most obvious ones that just keep doing it over and over again or some petty TOS shit…It sucks!
But it will never change until the game dies out.

I have sent image captured of cheaters for months. What do I get for that ? Idiotic responses and avoidance
So awesome, truly

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