Another discussion thread by BLO0DWISER

If theise towers are tough imagine week 5 when base boost is added

I didn’t create this thread I posted this on another forum FYI idk who did this

Your topic is moved due to off topic reason

:rofl: Just make your own line chat, dude.


But it was on the topic about lvl 80 towers

Mech’s thread is about the fort planner tho …


Mech did NOT want your post in his thread, because your post was completely off topic for what the thread was about, and he asked for it to be removed. I created a new thread for it rather than outright deleting it.


The topic in my thread is technical fortification planning. I don’t want nonsense in my thread, and since it’s one of the most viewed and used threads on here, I plan to keep it cleaned up and relevant to my exact topic of discussion.


The forums are not to be mistaken for your own personal social media site. Let’s try to keep the clutter down, even in the off topic section and ESPECIALLY in other people’s threads.


And here I thought the title was showing some sense of self-awareness. Bummer. :joy:

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Yeah just make your own line chat :roll_eyes: please :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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Well let’s talk about how much of a tank these lvl 80 towers are I find it to be more of a challenge even so when base boost is released

I apologize about the misinterpretation of your thread as I skimmed through it I was under the assumption it was about the lvl 80 towers

The title of Mech’s thread is literally “Fortification planner” so I’m not sure why you thought it was a discussion thread on lvl 80 towers.

Plus the thread was created in October of 2017 which was way before lvl 80 towers were released…

It’s OK. Next time perhaps slow down a bit and read before you finalize your post :slightly_smiling_face:

I put in the search lvl 80 towers didn’t want multiple threads on the same topic

But as I said before the specs on these tanku towers should now balance out since they not easily a one spell shot kill tower besides a insta kill spell