Another example of incompetent CS



I am surprised Jared did not comment on this today since it demonstrates one of three things.

  1. CS made a mistake and forgot to tag this mass-response as he said they do.
  2. What I posted was not a mass-response which means CS really messed up on my ticket and lied that it was a mass-response.
  3. CS does not actually tag these as mass-responses.

Again, I created this thread to communicate about the short comings of CS and the information PG is providing does not add up. I figured PG would like to know the company they contracted is not doing even a minimal job and come to find out they are not doing what PG asks.



5 days and have not received anything/update from CS or team that was forwarded this at least 3 times according to CS response over time in ticket

My team was almost kicked out of alliance because I and others didn’t see a take over occurring in alliance chat we need to be in. Diamond team was very upset.

Please, Please Please help us. This is so very frustrating.


It is all concerning.

It was not just the second mass reply that lacked the tag but both mass replies. I will be happy to provide that if Jared and company are interested. Granted, they said they will talk to the contractor but figure they need the full picture.


Those are probably only viewable by agents vs a message to customers.


Now the trouble ticket is no longer in my messages…still NOT fixed …


Can someone from PG reply to Reb please!


Did it roll off of in-game support? Try .



Unresolved since May…see pic above.
After last nights battle, I feel like i’m no use to my team in Atlas… I can’t build rapport with my team mates, alliances, and extended alliances, or be in-sync to make stategic moves efficiently and effectively in Atlas.

Please send an update, weekly updates, so the affected players know it’s still in the works. Thank you.


I think we have a winner.

I am sure PG intends for the company they contract to handle CS to do a reasonably good job but considering Jared posted above that it was only the second mass reply that did not include the tag yet I received two mass replies and neither had a tag.

Either PG had not completed a proper review of the situation when he made that post or CS does not even try to apprehend what the ticket is about much of the time which is much worse than what Jared seems to indicate.

This is not the first time I have pointed out CS lacks a basic clue.


And should we now assume that no one from PG is even reading this any longer. Assumption is based on the lack of response to anything past 10 days ago when PGJared and Arelyna acknowledged us above.

So very sad and disappointed since I can’t even help support my team.


Pretty much. I think when Jared incorrectly stated only one mass response was made without using the tag to indicate it was a mass response they were finished

At least the responded even if they provided incorrect information just like CS often does.


Is there anyway to keep this open? Doesn’t seem to be a high priority for anyone. Again, no responses and new glitches in the game every day. They also keep trying to close my trouble ticket without a fix. Couldn’t get into event all day yesterday, just kept getting the black screen at 100 percent that just sits there and never goes away.

Getting desperate here for alliance chat to be fixed.

@Arelyna @PGJared. Could I please get an update from “The team” who hasn’t ever even tried to contact me in all this time Please.


While I think the title of this thread is fitting, it may benefit your cause to change it to something less… aggressive? They’re probably not even gonna read any of this because they think you’re some angry little troll. Try “Can’t Open Alliance Chat” or something. See if it helps.


PG has already replied a few times to this thread with that title.

@Reb2236 I would expect that ticket has been closed and long forgotten by now. If PG does not reply by Monday (considering you have tagged them) I would suggest creating a new thread.


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