Another Fine Mess I’ve Gotten Me Into!

I have done what I presume many players have done as rookies. I started out playing this game with little or no idea how important it is to build your base in sync with the upgrade of your dragons. I upgraded my base and neglected to concentrate on breeding as much and instead of developing my dragons to full potential, as soon as I could hatch a new dragon, I did. Of course you can see the problem now and how it developed. I wasn’t aware at the time of charts, forums and the like. My thoughts were to get the baddest dragon available and kick ass. I started upgrading my base as fast as I could and during fortify, I went nuts. After being accepted into a knowledgeable and active team, I learned the game did not work that way. One can’t build up one dragon to maximum and kick ass the rest of the game. The dragons are not like weapons in Call of Duty where the maximum is reached and you can destroy everything with one punch. Dragons is not in campaign mode, it lives and evolves. My delima is, now that I have done all that, how do I regain balance and not have to throw a lot of cash in to fix it. I have more time than money, so if you have answers, I’m all ears.

Train and breed.
For gaining egg token, you can use rubies to speedups token mission (or if you’re patient enough, use regular token mission) and daily tokens.

For training, you can use xpbase such as freexp280 or PgKissmyASS. Use dragon with deathgaze first, join an exp run, or ask a teammate to help.

I was in your shoes and still recovering. It is fixable but you need to dedicate yourself into it. Fortification events will need to be avoided if you cannot do the low xp upgrades. Stop leveling! Buckle down, find your path and work on your dragons exclusively. It is a painful process but you can get balanced.


Did the same when I started and power leveled myself to level 45. Only stopped when I realized none of my dragons could take down bases I was being matched up against. If you have time, slow down and concentrate on the Breeding and Feeding events for a while. Your dragons will slowly get more powerful over time. Ask your team to help you with XP runs when you have the daily multipliers. You should be back on track in a while. Ignore the Fort event and don’t get frustrated if you cannot finish matching bases with 1 dragon.

Probably it’s @mechengg 's fault for making all bases so hard lately :rofl::rofl::rofl:


There is no quick or easy way to fix it.

Hopefully your new team is helping you out, swapping Xp runs, and offering base advice, along with the resources you have here.

If you are using all of the tools available, it is just a long, hard grind to get your dragons up to level and a quick, painful ripping off of the bandaid to shorten the hell out of your base.

Good luck!

To summarise. Stop levelling until your dragons are caught up. Simple.


One thing I forgot to mention. Use Dragon manager site to get the right exp (especially breedable level). Try NOT to level up the dragon until it got the right amount of exp (unless you want to spend more for healing potions), or burn your speedups into healing potions.


That’s an awesome tip. That’ll save a small fortune in healing pots

Learn what dragons are worth leveling and only focus on those, the rest just get to breeding level and forget. Find breeding sites (red’s breeding guide or any other you like) and follow it, it will help you use your breeding tokens with max efficiency to get more powerful dragons more quickly. It may take a few breeding events and some serious effort just churning through egg missions, but with dedication, you can get yourself back up to speed with your dragons pretty quickly.

Also IF you have loads of spare embers, which is rare, you can upgrade totems during fortification to make some points. And it will be good to know when to stop. I adjust my growing with the divines, so when they break into a new tier there isn’t a pending breeding requirement.

Don’t know which path you’re on but the least expensive would be better, so A&A2 and then the harbinger which I forgot which :yum: it’s a trade of strength with breeding speed but it’s good in your case, especially because you will still have strong divines

Thanks for the replies so far everyone. It is very informative and I appreciate the response so far. I do have a great team and their response is pretty much paralleling yours. The guides are great with a wealth of info. Patience is the key and I will curb the building for a bit. Again, thanks.

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