Another ignored problem



So it’s been so long I’m not sure if it was an actual promise but it sure was given to us as a proposed soution to a serious resource problem.

I remember complaining several times that the ice shards and fire shards in the prizes was pretty useless to those of us who have more than we could ever use. And when the flaks and elemental embers and pearls came out we were told not to worry, there would be a way to exchange to the new embers.

I remember the market, that was said would fix that for us, then it did not even make it out of beta. Well Jared, here I am sitting on over 600k ice and fire shards, and I don’t have enough elemental embers to make one damn flak to my current max level. Now I’ve been in D1 for almost three years and I spend a fair amount. With all the events and quests and chests you would think I wouldn’t have this problem. But when you failed to provide a way to exchange resources you did nothing else. No noticeable increase in embers or in chests, or anything.

And now you want to release tower levels 65-70? Somewhere there is a serious disconnect. I simply don’t understand how the developers etc,… can all be this disconnected with the realities in the game that we face every day and are so very clear to us.

Now to me, the solution is pretty simple. Just allow us to exchange at whatever rate you deem so that we have this issue fixed that seems to have been long forgotten. The problem STILL exists, and you guys haven’t dealt with it in like what a year? Or going back to whenever the first perch and then flak came out.

Seriously, you go to 65-70 without doing something and it’s probably the end for me. Just tired of things that should be so simple to fix, constantly being ignored.



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