Another one of those long base questions

Plan has always been to wait for as long as possible to go from my short base, to a long one.

However… now with the howitzer doing its thing (glitchy at the moment) i kinda planned to move over to a long kill this upcoming event. I also seem to struggle more on long kills at this stage than the shorter ones…

Anyways… anyone have any thoughts about it? It longer bases a better option these days?

Level 423 at the moment… 82 towers on killisle, will be level 439 and 89 towers after event.

Need to build another perch (thinking level 30 will suffice?) as well…and move runes and glyphs…so… a lot of hassle doing this switchover.

Would take a mapview of my base if i could :wink:

If you are thinking of going for a long Island u might want to do it at island 1&2 instead of 5&6.
Its better for atlas even if its little less dp because of runes u can put on it.
That will save u building another perch.
Also reaction on ss is better on island 2 then in island 7.


He never mentioned going to island 7.

Micro bases have become meh/too easy nowadays, mid long setups are a lot tougher from my experience - but it is expensive to make the switch, so maybe don’t do it till you have max towers

As for Atlas, you can still make your base pesky and not get 99% early while having a mid long set up


Kill isle is all maxed…and the crystal howitzer… The cost yer thinking of would be in the turnover itself? Chisels? Or are you thinking of the upkeep somehow? Ive got the timers and the pearls and all for the perch.

Use 1 and 2 for kill…and 3 for farms you mean?

As in… fully maxed - caught up with endgame tower levels kind of maxed

And moving base runes requires rubies, not chisels

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Heh…yeah my bad. Rubies offcourse. Am i even able to get to those tower levels with a microbase? Will i not be level capped at some point?

You’ll be able to, yes (I’m assuming you already have 2 kill islands)

Yeah, i just checked out your base… see you have the same islands as i do at the moment. Mabe ill wait it out a bit more then…need to refigure the fort plan though…with the perch not needed :wink:


I’d actually recommend building the perch to 30 anyways so you don’t have to switch out riders for fort :nerd_face:

I’ll be moving my base to mid long probably the fort after this, but I’ll still be missing a couple of max towers for my 3rd kill

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Excellent point with that rider switch aye :slight_smile: I can do that.

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I‘d make that 31 so Mehaten has a comfortable seat there :nerd_face:


Yes farms at island 3 but not a must u might want it at 5 and 6 so u can put runes for lumber and food that don’t take the place of runes that buff attacking towers

Pew pew pew, laser beams

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I‘d love if he shot these laser beams from the perch! :rofl:

Meanwhile… I just want phweemp’s waving animation back :sob:

Buuuut, I’ll shut up now so I don’t go off topic :rofl:


Personally, I made the switch from 2 short kills into one long kill on 4&5 and have had a much better defense success rate. It all depends on your towers too, personally a long kill that’s flak heavy is easier to drop where if you had a howitzer, pylon, or some lightenings or longer range towers in the back l, it’s more challenging

Long kills give you greater rune and glyphs utilization
Better defense success rates

BUT they are expensive or can be expensive to convert to and they require a different approach when defending with SS


I made the switch as soon as I needed a 6th tower to unlock my 5 prime towers. I think I was level 120 or so. I used an ice flak as the 6th tower because even if it wasn’t maxed, the supershot helped my front 5. It got caught up in the 200s. I started a 7th and have slowly been adding towers to my mid long setup. I have no regrets and have always had a stout base for my level.

I will have to see where the level requirements shake out for the added tower levels, but I’m a 495 and might finally have that 10th tower caught up. I’m elite only, play aggressively and can support 3 flaks so it has only ever helped me.


Is a list showing the number of maxed towers on an optimal base, among other things.

I would generally recommend the middle long at any level though. Even at low level towers like mages, ice flak and the new pylon can add punch to a base with little downside.


I meant the 110s coming out this week. Depending on level requirements I might not get the last tower caught up before my timers give out.