Another PVP, Inner Fires STILL not working


How can this have NOT been fixed?

Inner Fires are STILL not giving some dragons a 0 heal time if they took 0 damage.

Prospero on this account. Yeah, you know, the badass hunter from last season. Noticed it with Ith on one of my alts.

Sure, I could contact support and enjoy a couple heal pots, but that doesn’t fix the problem, or at least it hasn’t for the last year…

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Been this way for so long, I’d almost gotten used to it,

What I’d like to know is whether it’s the same dragons for every player in every event. If it is, we could do some community activity to document exactly which dragons have this problem, which might at least help PG home in on the cause. If it’s different for every player, or changes every event… well, that’ll be harder.


It has been working fine with me. So far it went good with prospero, fom, nec, Noc, axi and airbean. Last PvP it didn’t Al least with airbean

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So it seems like it is random dragons from player to player :thinking:


By my experience, it also depend on the level of the dragon.

When I stack IFs the follower dragons have no heal time. In my case Prospero was reusable immediately.

Just noticed AirBrain has a heal time on the wife’s account. IF, no damage. :man_shrugging:

What i usually see, is that if dragon is healing when you start your IF run, it still requires healing afterwards. If they dragon is fully healed when starting the IF run, it does not require healing.
Not sure if its like this for everyone


Mine seems to depend on whether or not I healed it to use it too. Although Renard always gets a heal time regardless.

That is an interesting observation and one that I had not noticed before. I will have to keep an eye on it and see if it holds true for me. (Assuming I can remember, which might be asking a bit much :rofl:)

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It’s very random. Different dragons for different people. I thought maybe it had something to do with which slot a dragon takes up in your roster but that wasn’t consistent either.

I did notice that when I made a roster change, one of the dragons that wasn’t being healed was suddenly fixed.

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So…this is what happens for me (on all accounts, so I know it’s pretty consistent):
-1st dragon with IF beats base and swaps, damage taken, normal regen time
-2nd dragon tags in with IF, does NO damage and TAKES no damage
-3rd dragon tags in with IF, finished base AND takes no damage.

1st and 2nd dragons ALWAYS get normal regen time
3rd dragon is ONLY one with 0 regen time
So, I’ve always assumed the dragon needs to actually DO damage, as well as NOT TAKE damage, for IF to work :man_shrugging:

Tested this and unfortunately it remains inconsistent. I was hopeful this worked :disappointed:

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Well that’s interesting! I’ve noticed that having dragons healing seems to change their order in the roster - I wonder if that’s relevant? That might also explain the behaviour that @Sandberg noticed, since a healed dragon might be starting in a different slot to an injured one.

Fohmar for me ALWAYS needs heal time with IF and no damage taken. Every pvp event.

Hauheset is another one; taking 0 damage, only home base left and still need regular heal time even with inner fire on. This is very consistent with hauheset.

Same here…prospero lead and then i take one dragon from rooster and finish with ember. I’m not sure but is it possible that it will happen if u take a dragon with a rider? Not sure but the dragons get buffed=Trigger? (No healing for ember :wink:)

I don’t think so. I use Pros all the time (with riders) and haven’t found any glitched dragons (finished with either Axi, Ember, Sylph, or Gun)

Okay, just a thougt. :man_shrugging: . I used older Dragons like Aibrean, Equestor, Nollaig…no matter, all of them have healing time

Another weird property that works for me is using boost consumables. I test the dragon without these consumables and if he ends up with a healing time, then the next time I use him with boosts and it’s cancelled his healing time.

I’ve only tried it with a handful of dragons I still run, but they work in at least one of the two configurations of boosted or non boosted.

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