Another PVP, Inner Fires STILL not working


My dragons change from event to event only one that NEVER worked right was hau… doesn’t matter if I healed them or they were already healed … one event neptus wasn’t working this event he is… I thought it was a hunter thing but no, jor doesn’t work and balahm I think it was, same thing…


I just ran a few experiments with Prospero, each time as my second dragon of three, after the first had destroyed every tower. If he has an HP boost, the IF didn’t work and he had a heal time. Without the HP boost, he had no heal time.

Didn’t make any difference whether he started healed or if I healed him at the point I chose him as my second dragon. Nor did it matter whether he had the HP boost equipped when starting the attack with the first dragon.

Haven’t tried it systematically with any other dragons yet, although I’m pretty sure I’ve had it work ok for Pathox while he had an HP boost applied, so there may still be some other factor. Still, can confirm that the HP boost is related, and that it’s therefore not solely, if at all, about which dragon you’re using.

Prospero was in my first roster slot, should that prove relevant.


Used Prosperolast time to clean farms and he had to heal this time. Im not sure if the boosts is what’s affecting or not. It’s just a mess and I don’t know jack anymore


No its not the same dragon every event. Sometimes dragons work and sometimes not.


My hau didn’t need any heal time with IF :thinking:


I meant it’s not even (solely) about which dragon you’re using in the same event. I.e. by toggling the HP boost, I’ve been able to make it both work and not work for Prospero, in consecutive attacks.


Do you think this may be due to a rounding vs truncating health amount that is a base amount with the multipliers on top of it? And in some boost circumstances it fixes the issue vs not?


AKA if they allowed the dragon to lose say 0.5% of its health (or even 2HP rather than zero) and still heal for free would this solve the problem?


That would also change potentially with dragon training?


Yes it would. Hence why it would maybe appear random.

PG just has several other areas where digits differ due to different rules, that it wouldn’t surprise me if this happened again.


Could be something like that.

My Prospero had no other runes or rider, so the HP boost was the only effect.

I have tried a few runs on my other account with Pathox, and toggling an HP boost is making no difference - the IF works correctly every time. That has a rider providing a small HP boost.

Prospero’s max heal time is 4h25min, Pathox’s is 4h36min.


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