Another question about glory

What does a team whose APR is under 70 get from sniping a team whose APR is higher than 350 ? I thought that sort of behaviour gave no glory ?

and why are we seeing that occur more and more often ?

Satisfaction and kills. That’s about it


Can’t be any satisfaction in hitting a team whose highest player is 50 levels below you but I guess it does give you easy kills ??? Is that a thing?

Unfortunately, depends on the level, 50 level difference can mean either 100%, 0%, or in between. For rank 350, most likely the former (and that means guaranteed 50% glory)


So you think that a player 50-100 levels below a 600+ on a team that is nearly 300 APR lower would give 50% glory to an attacker ? Well no wonder they don’t bother hitting at their own level

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  1. Sometimes it isn’t about the glory the attacker gets
  2. maybe it is meant to troop drain a player or team
  3. The team/player being hit may be a meat shield team…not necessarily the exact castle being hit at that time
  4. revenge hit for whatever reason
  5. the attacking player may be on a team that has a kill minimum
  6. Because many of these so called Bigger targets are on Deep buried castle teams and the attacker wants to actually attack
  7. Hitting the smaller teams that are gates, usually brings bigger players from Mega Alliance friends where the bigger friends give 100% glory to the attacker and the defending Big ally doesn’t have much protection
  8. personal beef between hitter and player target
  9. Testing flying skills in an Atlas environment against a smaller target to gauge flying skills against a defended target
  10. Just Because…
    These are 10 reasons… This list is by no means an end all or solution to your question, but just a few off the top of my head.
    I do believe Atlas is changing. Many more access owning teams are really feeling the “heat” now. My own personal opinion is this: Teams/Players are getting tired of stagnation and want to attack. They are hitting whoever isn’t on their 'No hit List" for any reason. The “shaming” of teams/players for “hitting down” doesn’t work anymore. These attackers Just don’t care. They want to have fun attacking/sniping. While others are trying hard to force PG to reset Atlas by eliminating as many teams and players as possible through troop draining or castle defense exhaustion. This strategy seems to be the one that is working as you see the number of players leaving game or leaving upper level teams as well as the disbanding of teams.

Current glory band is (70,90), so lv 540 gives 100% player glory for a lv 600 (which means at least 50% glory ratio as level - team ratio is 50:50).


well i’m just going to say ‘crikey’ … thanks

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I definitely agree with most of that.


1.Maybe they are 100 percent glory , were the people who got hit above 570?
2. You must be meatshielding greater glory behind you
3. He is a weak sauce,
4. Hotel? Trivago


But he is from a 70 apr team so level 540 from a 350 apr team should give him around 50 percent glory only.

As I said then.

For a record, I said 100% player glory, not 100% glory. (admitting I missed the “%”)

50% of max glory (1.5 * your troops killed) is still as good as fair swapping (0.75 * either side killed). Some may find it easier to find snipe targets than swap partners, or find it more fun, or true to the game’s intent. And then, some of the 10 reasons mentioned above by Irunlater might come into play, and it is no longer surprising.

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Where is the fun in hitting 50 percent glory :joy:

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I agree more is better, and I would probably not settle for that, just saying it is not totally awful compared to the swapping baseline.


I’ve never swapped … I really need to look into all this glory stuff … but if someone who is 600+ (as high as 666 actually) with APR lower than 70 hitting 400’s from a team whose APR is closer to 306 is getting 50% glory, then they need to fix that.

and no its not about getting behind … we’ve played that game with a diamond team before . it doesn’t end well for us :smiley:

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No, in that case, they probably get zero, and are hitting for other reasons. The 50% mentioned by OrcaFrost and Squigity was for hitting L570 or 540 or whatever is the threshold for 100% player glory ratio these days.

Op had mentioned her highest player was 50 levels below the attacking 600+
,If the attacker was 620 , then OPs teams highest player is 570.
Which means he is 100 glory and fair game for everyone on the map and team rank won’t count there any more.
If he was attacking 400s below, then it should give him below 50 percent glory, I think.
Glory wasn’t his agenda, he didn’t care about losing troops for crap glory. He had other reasons.
Who knows


I used to be on a line group where people would brag about their lifetime kill numbers.

They would use L600 seigers and smack up L100 players that had no chance of hitting back

Massive KDR ratio and huge kill counts for no glory.

I have advocated in the past that we should see monthly glory earned and ITD glory earned instead of troops killed.

Troops killed causes problematic hits. Glory earned would encourage people to maximise that which means hitting more appropriate targets.


Seems to me that PG should put in something punitive if a L600 hits a L100 unless they’re on the L600’s castle because that’s just not cool and as mentioned above, probably why people are giving up the game.

I saw a L710 (in SIII) the other day, so there are targets out there for them to hit.

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