Another question about glory

Is it a t4? If yes its allways 100% even a level 700 kills a level 26.

They will already be getting 0 glory, if a 600 hits level 100 , if that can’t stop them, nothing much can be done from PGs side, I think
He must be having a reason to hit.
I’ve hit a lot of smaller levels cus they meat shield, and I want force a bubble on them mindless gate castles, it can’t be helped.

I just checked your roster, you and some players in your team are 570+ which means you guys are 100 percent glory, and fair game to all the teams to atlas.

If you guys keep loading prims, id snipe you too once in a while , even if I was from a 70 ranking team.

Don’t meat shield :joy: Just bubble, let the team hiding behind, take the heat. If that’s what the enemy is after.

I don’t support meat shielding and it’s not bullying if a bigger team hits you, for protecting the noobs behind.

If you want to be a perfect gate castle, don’t complain about getting hit by bigger teams when you refuse to bubble to protect the team behind.

However If the player is simply hitting and its not to hit behind,you can’t hit their team back, . The best way would be to bubble all their gates, open them up everywhere…
keep opening them for the entire atlas season and watch them eventually vacate those safe castles, after getting tired of being exposed all the time , it’s hillarious :joy:
A good offense is the best defense in this game.

Let your bigger allies do the work.


yes to all this!!!

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They have 570+s but they couldn’t countersnipe with enfeeble? :flushed:

Enfeeble isn’t always a strong option, if the 666 is persistent
Plus his research must be beefed up and he must have defenders defending him.

His base will take a lot longer no matter how good you fly, if he flies good and he is defended on counter snipe.

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