Another sad day

Sad watching another long term, Atlas active clan disband.

I have no evidence to suggest there is enough inbound and upwardly mobile players to fill Plat 1 churn rate, a little lone Saph and up.

(Crying cat image withheld even though it deserves one.)

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who is disbanding ?

Not posting the name. Maybe they will rebuild. Not my place to speak for them. In any case it is disruptive for them and the game.

I feel sorry for them than , it is sad to see active clans go down .

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Posting this and not saying who, (I agree that it’s not your place as it’s not your team) is on par with those posts on facebook that go something like this:

  • Person A: I’m absolutely furious :rage: Can’t beleive this has happened
  • Person B: Aww babes, what’s wrong?
  • Person A: I don’t want to talk about it.

I believe hwrd wanted to say this game has to change things asap or teams wont be able to hold their atlas status and eventually the team

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It impacts me and my team directly in game, therefore I should be able to post about it.
I am however refusing to offer details because I’m not privy to everything, nor should I be and they might have a direct and effective rescue plan.

My point, as Eff says, is we can’t afford many of these and I doubt this has hit anyone’s radar at PG. They can’t and shouldn’t do detailed “Exit interviews” but a general awareness of events like this in Saph and up can’t hurt in any way.


@Hwrd Does PG really care if people leave or teams disband?


Hurts my feels today though.
I’m overly sensitive and might need a crying room or a consolation pizza and beer(s).

They should care… PG relies on team leadership as a fundamental cornerstone for game play. Anything that affects the attrition of teams should be on their radar.

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Not on par since some of the people who will read this can actually do something about the problem

FIFY. There are both strategic and tactical problems folks should admit too and address quickly assuming they view WD as a Going Concern if I might be allowed to borrow some accounting speak.

If there was say, 100K plus active users all leveling on a regular basis as a global talent pool, the loss of one Saph 1 team wouldn’t be a real blip. Declining player base of 30K or less and NOT leveling fast enough to be effective as a Saph 1 or even D2 team should be frightening.

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All other problems boil down to one. Player retention. In the upper leagues and new players. I’ve said it in other threads and I’ll say it again, PG needs to put scaling in place so that players can reach N-1 or N-2 (whatever seems reasonable) in 1-2 years while ONLY grinding and making end game possible in 1-2 years with moderate spending.

I agree the bugs need to be fixed. I agree there’s significant problems in Atlas. But the core issue is that new players and long term grinders alike have little hope of being competitive at high levels.

More aggressive scaling is needed in Vanguard and below. Aggressive enough that a moderate grinder can reach Vanguard in 8 months to a year. Aggressive enough that the moderate grinder can see significant progress in every event.

(Yes I know there are outlier high level grinders. They should be quite proud of their ability to sustain that…but that is not a viable long term solution)


My high level of grinding is not sustainable over the years when I can’t gain any reasonable benefit or high enough player level. Abysmal Mythic outstripping my pace is NOT healthy for an end game population as defined by PG today. D2 for reference, guess we might slide to Saph but will war back up next week.

5000 mega whales and/or mega grinders barely exists today and is most likely dwindling by the week or month. What happens next season or boycott?

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Grinding my way to N-1 was rewarding and being N-1 never bothered me and wasn’t an issue when I was playing against N-1 players. I can’t grind my way to end game, and even being a mild/moderate spender has slowed as it gets me no where. Now with the state of things in Atlas I am pitted against end game dragons every day, as I am certain is everyone else in my position. This is problematic in that I am now in the position of feeling my only role in this game is to feed the habits of higher level players. That is not a healthy mind state.

I can’t see it being much fun for them either…


I dunno. I get snipped until I move my Prims into deeper territory. I don’t know if the level 600s are having fun or not but they don’t seem to hesitate either for 100% glory.

I see your point.

I also think there’s a massive difference in grinding your way to N-1 back when Emerald/Garnet was the end game then staying in N-1 vs getting there today. Now, I’m not so sure that’s possible

[Another one bites the dust
Another one bites the dust
And another one gone, and another one gone
Another one bites the dust, yeah
Hey, I’m gonna get you too
Another one bites the dust]

Technically “the enemy” in Atlas but they were solid competition and again, I’m sad to see yet another one dissolve. This is how it ends. Not with a bang, but a long slow whimper.


If any of the team members that are coming from the disbanded team want to apply with us, we are always accepting new people. Just message me. Plat. 1 atlas

PSSST @PG Hey. A diamond clan is disbanding before PVP starts this week. Maybe an exit interview with the clan leader might shed some light on their situation?