Another Season Branch?

Hi, I just have a small question.

Are you guys expecting another branch? Like a second rider, or like anuba last season.
The season only goes for 30 more days, or 4 more events.
Where I expect the last two events to have the super sigil chests again.

I finished what I carved for this season and i’m sitting on my sigils not sure if I should go for another dragon branch which I’m not really excited about, or store those sigils further waiting for something else?


Yes. there will be another branch with a 2nd rider.


I suggest using the search function, keywords: “second rider”. You will find a few threads to munch on.

spoiler: it should be released mid-February.


I thought It was being released next week! And I am pretty sure it’s the case .
Sorry if I am wrong.


I would rather be wrong than give false hope to this poor chap. :smiley:

When is the next line coming? Season is nearly over :weary:

in 48hours give or take


I am in the saem boat. i finished my first line, egg token and kayla and don’t want any other drags if it isn’t a hunter so I’m waiting on rider. I wish i could give leftover sigils away to someone close to getting Neptus cuz I won’t be getting him.

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