Another suggestion

Anyway you can add an in-game acknowledgement button to make sure players read their in-game messages?

Sure, there are phone apps for things like this. But at least in the game, we can tell if they are online or not.

I add a tagline at the end of team mails to reply when read…

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If they don’t reply within 24h, the next 1MM gold goes to the team bank. :smiling_imp:

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Why so generous? You only give us 23.5 minutes 🤷

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I like this idea! Sometimes the other person has nothing to say back but then you don’t know that they have read it. I would like a way to know

I’d like this as well, though I wish there was a more surefire way to not only check who’s read the mails, but to make sure that they do. (Just not sure how that’d be implemented…) I love sending out emails about the next event and having ten teammates ask “what’s the next event?” in the TC. /s :t_rex:

Dont do it!!! i love ignoring mails. I can’t plead ignorance when i hit allies if they KNOW i read it…


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