Another Update? 3.72?


We just updated 2 days ago but there is now another update out? What is this one for? I hope it doesn’t affect the data issue that finally got resolved.


I would like to know more too before updating please, because I usually don’t rush an update unless it’s a big fix for gamebreaking issues.


If your team mates update, you won’t be able to join them in war/food runs.


where is update?? ios or android? for me (ios) no update… last version is 3.71 :thinking:


I’m on Android, it says 3.72. I was looking for release notes but couldn’t find a thread


We are usually a little later due to Apples restrictions/policies on app updates.


I had read that after 3.71 there was directly 3.80, but maybe this was for ios :thinking:


It’s true, but I don’t plan to play right away when I don’t update the game. I can wait and see the comments posted if there are gamebreaking bugs.


This update is a fix for the Atlas icon who disappeared for a few android players, preventing them from accessing Atlas, as stated in the following link :

I can probably update safely now :yum:


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