Another way towers are broken

Since the event is working about as well as Donnie’s newest account…I just wanted to point something out for PG to think about. It used to be worthwhile to build out an entire base of max towers. But since the advent of sand/vine those islands have now become a liability. I know how much people love those spells but they have literally turned those two islands into just expansive place holders. This might be something to considering moving forward. What used to be a benefit to players and to revenue is now actually for both. Unless you’re hacking the game and don’t care but for the rest jusr something to think about. How to balance spells and not charge for two islands that essentially won’t work properly against any dragon with those spells.

Why won’t they work properly?

They literally all just get disabled. You basically go into the third island with no damage. I don’t think they were intended to be decoration while the next dragon builds rage. Or maybe they were😅

What about mage towers?

You only get 10 mage towers to put on the base - I wouldn’t put any up front - or at least not many maybe a couple - so they won’t work.

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I would actually just leave islands 1 and 2 without mages. If someone gets that far the fights lost anyway

How well would a mage farm work on island 8? I think the dragon starts a fair way out so can sand the mages immediately?

It pretty much always is a sanded before the defender joins and can activate.

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Right so you woiuldn’t put a mage farm until the small isle anyway - so yes those towers on 7 and 8 are redundant :man_shrugging:

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