Antonius vs Crom

I’ve been contemplating this and am leaning towards antonius. Even though the extra 5% hp of crom looks awesome, Antonius provides 20% hp buff to earth flak which increases base hp when defended overall. This is because the earth flak heals the towers while protecting them being only vulnerable to 1 shot spells.

Crom is still an awesome rider cuz it simply boosts the base up better than any rider (+1% than antonius when comparing overall attack/hp but mainly hp by 5% which makes me hard to choose)

What do yall think?

  • Crom
  • Antonius

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I think it really depends on your base set up. It might be better on a short kill island but, on midlong, Crom is still the best in most cases


This is a typical example of a question where a poll will be useless, since it’s completely depending on your base. It’s like asking a group of carpenters and plumbers whether a hammer or a wrench is a better tool.

On a 5 tower base, +15% HP on the EF (or IF) and +4% attack on all towers probably makes the -5% HP on the other 4 towers worth it, especially since all 4 can benefit from the increased EF supershot too.

On a 15 tower base, Crom is very likely better, if you only have 1 flak that gets boosted by antonius vs 14 towers losing out. If you have, say, three ice flaks the equation could change again.


Back island for me is lightning and howi which really benefit from the attack bonus from ant. My front 5 is boosted by the earth flak. So basically I am losing 1% boost to my 15 towers(most of which are low leveled)for a 20% boost to 1 ,removing hp/attack as a differentiating variable.

Ps: Agree poll is useless here, depends on what base. Just did it for fun as usual:)


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Oops my bad. No sleep lol. Fixed


Not quite, if you’re switching from Crom to Antonius, you’re losing 5% HP on those other towers, for a 15% boost to 1. You also gain +4% attack, technically on all 15 towers, but probably only half of them will actually have a useful attack.

And I’d only count (near) max level towers when doing your math, towers 5+ levels behind don’t really matter either way.

(for reference, Crom has +23% HP vs +18% HP on antonius, Crom has +18% attack vs +22% on antonius)


And… You’re screwed if the attacker takes out the earth flak on the turn. You get no extra HP on your other towers in that case, and you miss out on the extra HP from Crom.

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Yep, that goes for things like EF runes and glyphs too I suppose.

All eggs in one basket is somewhat countered by people one-shotting the basket, so in that sense Crom is a less risky option.


Its definitely risky to put your eggs in one basket. I’ve beaten bases I shouldn’t have been able to before because they have had one super high level flak, with a couple of more reasonably leveled towers, and that one flak ends up getting countered by simply having a resist to it. But I feel like the earth flak being that egg is doubly risky because earth flaks, storms and mage towers tend to be the number one targets for Death Gaze spells and Spell Flux variants.

So when I think about Antonius, I would actually consider the Ice Flak boost over the earth flak boost. The earth flak just has a higher chance of being one shot with a spell, than most other towers on the base.


That’s also why I like to spread out my rune boosts vs super buffing one tower (unless it’s an island with 3 lightnings for example)

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For my specific base, Kasima out does Crom (whom I also have maxed) So I can vouch that base layout + preference makes all the difference when trying to decide on which defensive rider to get. Both Crom and Antonius seem very close to me in comparision, just like Kashima.

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best combo crom and kasima

I would think for anyone running 2+ of the earth flak or ice flak Antonius is worth the swap. Probably more so on the ice flak since I imagine most people one shot the earth flak first.

I’ll probably swap over from crom and see how I like him. I have a double ice on the mid long and think it would really mess with people.

Should add, if the back of your long island is squishy lightning towers/howitzer - extra damage is probably better than HP with the longer ranges