Anuba being falsely advertised

Wer were told that Anuba would have desicating sandstorm. Upon recieving him, he only has desicating sand, not sandSTORM. What is this? Not only is he much less desireable now, but for those who rushed and got him, turns out he was falsely advertised.

Hmm? It’s always sand. Sekhem, hau, zaru, Nec = desiccating sand. Maybe I’m oblivious to this whole storm thing though.

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Looked it up :point_right::point_left:, preview did present it as sandstorm and more of a vine-like area spell. Interesting, I’d be annoyed too.


Whichever it is probably doesn’t matter anyways since the swipe sorcerer attack is going to unsand multiple towers (yes ones that you don’t want unsanded) and his phoenix style resurection ability is going to blow the sand off towers as well. Edit, heck i even forgot that he has techtonic bomb as well which will blow the sand off of towers

Overall a rather poorly thought out SET of spells on the dragon if i’m being honest, alone the spells may be decent but not all together IMO.


Well, vines were initially on sorcs and people learned to effectively swipe around them. And Reannimate might not explode and unlock like Phoenix, haven’t seen it so someone will have to speak to if it does or not. In the end, it’s still a sorcerer tho.

Well what does the spell say? I’ll copy paste it for ease of discussion :slight_smile:

Reanimate - Active, 2 Rage, Blue
Spell will activate rebirth if Anuba dies within the 5 seconds between spell activation and death. Deals 7% of the Dragon’s max HP (before consumable and research boosts) in AOE damage to towers. Regenerates 100% of Dragon’s HP. Spell has a 5 second cooldown.


Sigh, same spells different names. Doesn’t take away from OP’s complaint :man_shrugging:t2:, but that’s so nonsensical.

The same wording was used on other dragons before - sandstorm. I remember because I thought it was aoe - turns out it wasn’t then either.

Technically you could get two towers with one sand - but you would have to have good aim… :slight_smile:

Misleading advertisement for an average looking sorcerer that may or may not ever even reach his own potential…no thanks lol

Credit to PG for an interesting concept overall, but too many drawbacks for most seasoned players.

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Its the same spell. Never was 2 different spells in the first place. They just named it inconsistently.

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Pg inconsistent??? Never!!! :joy::joy::joy::joy:

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Desiccating Sandstorm is an internal name (or something) that’s also used on the abilities page; the description the same one used on Necryx. Also, it is possible to hit multiple towers with Sand.

They should be two different spells. Desicating Sandstorm has never been used as a description before. Small AoE has, but some of us were told they were different spells, and when sending a help ticket in, I got a response saying many people had the same complaint and they are looking into the possibility of changing it to a sandstorm rather than just desicating sand.

So that your three AOE spells can still knock the sand off of all the towers if you use it? lol

i think the description is still true. Small aoe and the aoe shown is correct.

Unless the small aoe that people are thinking about is the aoe of fireball or any spell that has that aoe.

You can use the sand spell to hit multiple towers of up to 3 on certain islands and most of the time, can hit 2 towers if you aim it correctly in between towers.

I’d be keen to see what sand’s coverage is compared ato Fae’s Ice shock. I got both and I think sand coverage is a lot less than shock.

Sorry for the delayed response and the confusion! To clarify, Desiccating Sand is the correct spell for Anuba. Listing Desiccating Sandstorm is a mistake on our part. There’s no Desiccating Sandstorm spell, it’s actually the “back-end” name for Desiccating Sand. Plus if we were going to debut a new spell, we probably would’ve given it a more unique name and probably shined more light on it to show you all how it works. Our apologies again for the mix-up, folks. We’ll be more careful next time with the descriptions!


By new spell. You mean the same spell…but with a different name?

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