Anuba can’t shoot

After Anuba casts Desiccating Sand, Anuba cannot shoot his regular attack. I thought it was a glitch so sent a support ticket. In the response they said they did it on purpose. I don’t know how long the delay is, it seems somewhere between half a second to a full second. But effectively cast Sand has the same effect as getting shot by a Trebuchet or Flak turret. You are basically stunned.

This makes no sense to me. I understand you don’t want to eliminate the ffect of Sand. But I also don’t want to get shot without shooting back. Can you please remove this effect from casting Sand?

I remember immediately hating Anuba for this very reason. I never could figure out how to use dessicating sand with the sorcerer regular attack and wound up just dumping him.

well, accidental attack may happen that could hit the sanded target. This is also true for other dragons that has that ability. Any offensive spell cannot be used while it is flying.

I know that the attack could cancel the effect of the Sand, but it also might destroy the tower along with a couple others as I attack. But instead, i can’t attack for what feels like forever because for all intensive purposes, i stunned myself by casting a a spell. Let the player be responsible for wether not he attacks the same tower.

I’ve also notice when you try to hit bridges in atlas its almost impossible.

So that’s what is happening! I usually follow desicating sand with tectonic tomb, so I always thought Anuba was glitching when I tried to use it’s normal attack. I can’t count how many times I’ve died trying to attack after sand. :rage: If you use sand and don’t have anymore rage for tomb, your essentially screwed then. That doesn’t seem right. Plus, wasn’t desicating sand originally supposed to hit 3 targets?

After casting sand, tap another tower he will fire then you can swipe attack like normal.

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Yes, I sent a support ticket to PG, and they said the delay in attacking is done on purpose.

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