Anuba Halloween Festival

Anuba Halloween festival ends today so if not 150M bases destroyed will stay like this forever.
We were told 5days ago we reached 125M tier. Any chances we know how many more needed? Like a exact number? For what i saw we taking 4 to 5 days to get 25M bases destroyed. We took 9days on first tier. So we should be really close to it.


I would be highly surprised if we didn’t hit the 150m. It was a pvp event, there was a crapload of bases being hit over and over


Unless event bases didn’t count, like Dragons felled during events don’t count towards the Shrine Dragon invocation… In this case, this would be awkward…


Its on their hands. Lol. Since we dont have a number. They can chose to give us more power or dont give.


By the way, that’s why I needed to remember November the 20th… I was actually wondering why this was such an important date (for those who got Anuba) but I could not find why in any of my other games… :joy:

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I feel sorry for all you suckers who went for anuba. Good luck in getting to 150M I hope you do it!

In-game popup just announced that 150 million bases have been razed :slight_smile:

Green Evo Stone went from 280 -> 336
Obsidian Stone went from 880 -> 1056


Grow 5M here!

Anyone having problems using Anuba, myself an others I’ve spoken to he is dying easily, shoots blanks, and sand is hit and miss? Some of the support staff I spoke to said there is a problem that they are trying to fix, and that many have complained about him, and yet today, another one said there is no problem. :woman_shrugging:

His only problem is he’s a sorcerer with vine then animate (revival type spell). Those 3 classes don’t go well with each other. Imagine you sand half of the long Island, almost die, then you use reanimate spell. Bam. Whole long Island gets unsanded :man_shrugging:


I’m actually swiping, and it’s doing no damage at times, it’s so frustrating, the meter on the towers don’t even show up for damage, others have had the same problem

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Sometimes happens that. And yes sand sometimes work sometimes don’t and when it works swapping the screen to hit it shoot vs a sanded tower. Lol

Sand on a sorcerer just doesn’t go together because of the swiping. Then you have the other spells that cause sand to disengage due to their aoe damage. All in all a very poor spell set.

And on top of him not working properly, they have increased his price to more than the other season dragons, check same for same in stones… :smirk:really wish I didn’t get him, can’t even use him… was a pointless exercise

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We tried to warn you:

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It was advertised from the beginning that as Anuba grew in power she would grew in prize too… So yeah, it’s expensive, but we were warned… A free Dragon with the base power of a Mythic (just talking about numbers here, not battle efficiency) would certainly not turn out cheap :sweat_smile:…

I have only been playing a couple of months, and had no idea the dragons were diff prices…just so u know… as all the others were all the same, had nothing to go by

And Lutrus, wasn’t in this chat when u posted that, only joined yesterday

Though you had ingame pop-up before events to let you know she was going to grow in power and price. Anuba’s just a few weeks old after all.

Sorry for you anyway :confused:

Yes, I understood that, just not past the others…