Anuba last day to get full power


Today is the last day and Anuba needs 25m more attacks to get full power, in the beginning every 3 days were = 25m last jump was 5 days = 25m today is 5 day and no power jump do the right thing PG :+1:t2:



I really appreciate the time you guys put into him but he just can’t take a hit why is that


Poor spellset. Can’t survive on an even lightly defended base, and can’t take bases over her tier.

Also, @Psarus or @ModMat, can we close one of the 2 Anuba threads?


Yeah I’ve had that same issue


I would still prefer the best of the worst Anuba can be for everyone who claimed her :grin:


I’m trying but afraid I’m not going to get all his Evo stones in time


Please continue the discussion here, better to keep the conversation in one place