Anuba level 23 on a perch level 23 making my home screen shake?


Anyone else having these issues, just started today? They are working on it as we speak, just really strange. I know anuba’s roar isn’t that powerful :joy:


Well, it is Anuba, so you’ve clearly activated a hidden curse, and your base is forever doomed!

Is it pretty much a loop of the tower destruction screen shake?

Hello everyone:)

I knew something was fishy with anuba only reason I got it was to put it on my perch. Yes as if my base is destroyed every 5 seconds, I have a alt account & no anuba & nothing problm there.


Thank you. I will let my team mares know so they don’t freak out.:+1:


it has the same behavior as Nydryr which shouts and shakes the screen every few seconds.


You have interesting bugs… I got the giant tables bug once or twice, but this one, never :joy:


i did notice Nydryr and Anuba do the animation when the screen shake so yeah, that’s what I concluded


Maybe Kharnyx is up to no good again?

Ticketed. We’ll look into it! (60739)


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