Anuba: Millions of Bases or Bust?

Question to the Forum Community about Anuba, are we collectively going for it or no? If you do not know what I am referencing here it is:

This new sorcerer will rise from its tomb, scarabs and all, on October 25. Having just awoken from its slumber, Anuba is still weak, but this dragon feeds on destruction to power up! For every 50 million bases that players destroy during the Halloween celebration (Ending on Monday, 11/20), Anuba will grow in power. Anuba can possibly undergo three power increases — check out the chart below!

Players will receive word of the progress of Anuba’s path to ultimate power whenever 25 million bases have been destroyed.

Anuba will be available as a Bonus Branch in the Seasons tab, beginning at 60% of a regular season dragon’s price when launched. Be aware, though — the Dragon’s price will also grow with its rise in power. You may not want to wait too long before his maximum power is unleashed!

If we are going all in I am all about it, just curious what the rest of you all are thinking. Are we excited to max out this new dragon or just focused on Grogg at this point? Thoughts?


There are people that don’t have any thing else to spend on the season… either they have Moonfang or aren’t interested in any other drag and have Grogg complete. I’m in the later camp… so why not? :slight_smile: It’s something to do as a community… a step in the right direction imho.


Wow is this dragon on the season line yet??? I’ve been so Focused on my warrior dragon I haven’t paid any attention to the other lines

Anuba will become available during next week’s event.


Ok thank you for answering back :grinning:

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25 million bases? I am new here but that seems not possible.How could you hit 25 million bases? How many bases or people on war dragons?

Right?! That is exactly what I was thinking. So to max this cat out we have from October 25th through November 20th to take out 150,000,000 bases. That is only 31 days, and we need to unlock it in that timeframe too. Math works out to 4,838,709 bases per day. With 10,000 of us participating we are looking at 483 bases a piece to keep that pace, so at the very least we will need five times that many people to have any shot at it. Asking 50,000 accounts to take out 96 bases per day with the same dragon is a stretch, so realistically we will need two or three times that number. Cool dragon regardless but I do not see us finishing it out without a massive P.R. participation campaign behind it.

It’s the community as a whole taking out that many bases. The daily average number of bases being taken down is higher than you think it is. The team used the daily average to guide the number.


feasible the 150M for a month :thinking:

It’s not the same dragon that you need to attack the bases with.


clear :wink:

I think as a community we can do it! I’ll be joining it, and I’m pretty sure that @Pixxel will be as well.


Totally, much clearer picture now. Definitely going for it :muscle:


Will the poachers and gold mine count in this?

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I for one will not be going for this dragon. It’s for whales only. Think about it. How many of us can finish one entire dragon line in the scant few weeks left in the season? And discount is largest at the beginning when most players have little to zero spare sigils. So, only whales have a chance to finish the line before the community hits the base numbers and the cost go up. Smaller players will only see costs keep rising while they struggle to get the sigils required. No thanks. I’m completing necryx and grogg instead.

If the discount is reversed ie as bases get destroyed the discount increases that would make it interesting for smaller players.


Not yet! Anuba will be in the Season page this coming week!

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Will we need to buy Evolution stones also or just the dragon?

Not true,

So far Grogg and Nec have all been 1/2 price. Those that stuck to them may be able to get this one as well without considerable spending.

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Evolution stones from Purple to Obsidian will be available in his branch to level him up!


So if the community destroys enough bases to make it to its highest power level, it will have the same strength of a Mythic obsidian… However does then mean i will then need a mythic obsidian to make it Expert?
@Pixxel @PGJared