Anuba Power Increase


Have looked for this answer and it may be out there and I overlooked, Question: Will the increase in power be at the milestone bases killed or at the end of the total timeframe?

I know the price of sigils will go up at milestones, so was wondering. Got the notification, but my power did not increase, still at 13.6m. I think we should get to enjoy the power increase at the milestones. Thank you.

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The first milestone hasnt been met yet. Cost is still the same and power should remain. The email was one stating essentially that the halfway mark of the first milestone had been met.


It’s power increases with every 50M bases destroyed. Anuba will have same max power as other 3 dragons once 100M bases are destroyed. 150M bases destroyed will make Anuba more powerful than other dragons.


Makes me wonder if Mega Coin attacks count for 30 bases destroyed, or only 1? If it counts for 1, say goodbye to 150M bases destroyed, even with 3 PVP’s left in the season…


Only one base is counted per mega attack used.


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