Anuba Power?????


I thought Anuba was uploaded to be growing in power. I have level 40 and barely 7 million attack power? Is this how it is with everyone else?


Same here. Lvl 40 and 6.2 mill attackpower


It’s a midway milestone, not its next jump in power… please read more carefully before posting a comment on forum, besides there are already thread on this subject on the forum…


Level 40 Anuba is not anywhere near the same thing as another level 40 dragon. Just so we are both on the same page.

Also what @Kardul said


Anuba’s cost is now on par with other dragons, so at the right stage of evolution,its power should be on par as well. The announcement about the final stage is the stage where it’s more powerful and more expensive than other divines.

An L40 Anuba is still in Platinum tier vs the other divines being in Garnet tier. Pixxel’s post here is useful. You should be comparing a L36 non-Anuba Fall 2017 divine vs a L50 Anuba.


I just wanted to precise that its final power wasn’t reached yet, in case they misread the ingame login screen saying that Anuba is 25M bases away from getting his last upgrade in power.

I’m not high enough in tiers yet to check the power of Platinum-Garnet tier is on par with Anuba, and I don’t have nor wants Anuba, so I can’t really participate in this discussion :sweat_smile:


For your ref
At this level, Anuba Stat is a bit higher than Chimerak. But to be hónest, its not as effective as Chimerak or other Fall divine


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