Anuba Price Reduction Error?


Started claim prizes in the Anuba line and saw the first couple prizes are 60 sigils. It was said that he would be 60% off OF the original lines price. The normal price for these is 100… That’s only a 40% discount. I will mail support soon, but WARNING to everyone!!! Plz clarify if it was 60% or 40% off.

EDIT: I was wrong… Carry on.


It’s 60% of the original price not 60% off


It appears you are correct… I got all excited over nothing. Now i just look foolish :zipper_mouth_face: :confounded:


Lol don’t worry I misread things all the time


Interestingly i also had it as 60 percent off… Then checked here to see its 60% of…

Creators faction all posted 60% off
So wonder if it was tweaked later?


I really think they should have specified. I know we should read better, but why not just say %40 off? Really makes me mad


Exactly the point of the matter… I am frustrated as well and thinking if i could ask for the sigils back. Doubtful as i already used the gold chests… Oh well, I fell for it :confused:


I am actually asking for the sigils back as I haven’t used anything. I’ll just get grogg and be happy with it.


Guys is you can’t read the official news correctly then why should PG refund u anything? Just saying…


Thanks for that. I’m glad you felt your comment was worthy of being typed. I corrected myself as i did more research. Your opinion over what i want to do with my sigils is irrelevant. Mistakes can be made, sorry if that bugs you. Thanks for the comment though…


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