Anuba Reanimate nerf!?

Normaly the spell Reanimate from Anuba should get the full health back. I tried this the last days in different constellations and i just get about 60-70% of my max health back.

  1. do somebody have the same result while using Reanimate?
  2. was there a downgrade of an Anuba spell which i didnt noriced?

Just asking for some feedback before ticketing pg. maybe i did some mistake. But no idea where!?

I was struggling with him just a bit ago. Reanimate barely refills now and there is a huge dead space when firing. For being supposedly strong, he drops very fast.

@PGPulse clarification please…

While using the spell Reanimate, for sure in time. The HP bar is after „reanimation“ just 60-70% filled up. Before they were full as it should. (I guess this change came with the spring season or spring season update)

We’re you using a dragon HP boost? All spell abilities works off of BASE HP; research, runes and consumable boosts don’t count for anything.

Could this be it?

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Mine was boosted

I dont think so. Because i have just the fireturette resistance rune and a extra rage equipped.

But maybe it is Grogg which makes the difference!?

But now i have to go a bit back and tell how i noticed that something is not like it should.

Actually my Anuba have 11.7M power with 30% boost and Grogg sitting on him.
I am not sure how many levels i made this event with Anuba something between 4-6 i guess. For sure i know that i had like 7,8M power with 30% boost and grogg.

A few Weeks ago I tried to hit the 312xp base salangxxxx with one single dragon the first time! Anuba is my strongest dragon so i tried it. I hit about 92% the first time i attacked that base. The next ten times i hit this base i failed with 5-40%:smiley:. After i tried about 50 times the 312 base to find a way thru. And I found one. I made damage from 82-84% in 98% sonetime i pulled down the screen or didn’t had a good contact on the screen. In that „perfect“ way, i set one time the reanimate spell at the end of the first doubleisland.

Now my Anuba is about 30% stronger than before, but i am not able to win this base! (Anymore)
Anuba is dying at the same point( directly after the Reanimate) where it survived easyly before leveld him up.

Something went wrong. But i still don’t know what for sure.

This goes back to spells being based on max health of the dragon as opposed to the actual health… the game runs on data bases, and basically anuba has X health in the files. With the rider, he now has X + Y health… and the spell doesn’t register the “+Y”

Ok. This would make sence to me too. But i am almost sure that the HP bare becomes full after the Reanimation.

Isnt anybody here who flyes Anuba too. And do have some experience with this spell, and like it was before and now!?

Wtf XD

Fire turret Resistance Rune

Haven’t used reanimate quite a bit, but the last time I used it, it’s fully recover HP

@PGPulse @PGLawson @PGJared
could you please check up this issues?

Here changed something. I would like to know what happened here. I play WD About 9 months, i like it. Anuba is actually my strongest Dragon. It’s important for me that this Dragon is working.
Just for example: i am top 35player in a S3 league. In our team we usually give each other xp runs on farmbases. Mostly on the 312er farmbase. I am just lvl 126, and not able to hit this base and support an teammate. But before an month with around 10 level less i was able to do it.
I hope you understand that this situation is very uncomfortable for me.

Thank you in advance for your support

Hope it gets fixed for you… I really liked Anuba, but sadly she capped out at Platinum for me, so now she sits on a perch. Good luck!

Anuba is so frustrating now that I took it off my roster. It’s too aggravating to fly with all its bad spells, hangs and now feeble animate. Really disappointed in that dragon especially after all the hype to sell it.

Classic example though of seasonal progression… a few weeks after it came out, all the next season dragons were just as powerful. When people ask to be able to finish last season dragons I always smh because one thing that stays consistent is that next season they will always be more powerful. It’s why mythics aren’t worth the ridiculous amount to get…

Anuba is horrible Dragon…bad spells and survivability. She’s the reason why I will never buy 100 dollar packs again…no thanks pg!

There wasn’t any nerf(If we don’t announce it, it is a bug) and it should be healing 100% base HP(Unboosted). Anuba’s iconic spell shouldn’t be nerfed for sure.

Reanimate should be healing 100% (as described in the OP screenshot).
Rising Phoenix should be healing 80%.
Resurrection should be healing 50%.

If you have completed all research, that bumps you to 126%. If you throw on a consumable, that puts you at 156%

So, the spell should appear to damage, assuming a consumable and all research, 64% of 7% (4.48%, if I did my math correctly).

The heal description (again, from the OP screenshot) does not have those limitations, so I would think it should be healing 100%.

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Thx for your reply. So as i discripted before there happend something till before the last update and now.
Could you look into this or what gonna happen now?