Anubas evolution stones

I would like to buy an Anubas evolution stone. But, I see no option, maybe I’m blind, no “Contact us” selection. Where the instructions about obtaining a value pack, the contacting you.

You cannot purchase these evolutions stones. They were a limited time item for that season.


Well there be any other way?

Nope. Limited time is limited time. They aren’t re-releasing anything.

There is a very specific way Season dragons work:

  • Available only during that season
  • The dragon and evolution stones be obtained by trading in that seasons sigils
  • Once the season is over, you keep the dragon and evolution stones you earn, and cannot earn anymore.
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Obligatory “we have this thread every day” comment :sweat_smile:


The only purchasable evolution stones are Ember (prior to obtaining green Legendary)

This game keeps on moving forward and no points hoping for the past dragon stone for example even I had Merkt all the stone and what can this dragon do now and the best place to park is the perch or inactive :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Don’t you talk about merkt like that, he’s trying. Ok?

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