Any alternative ways to obtain dragon glyphs?

Hi everyone I was just wondering if anyone knew where to find good dragon glyphs. I notice that events and team quests have some at the end but they don’t really have the ones I’m looking for.

they’re just scarce. steal them from your other seasonal dragons.
occasionally there might be a useful one in the top personal achievements, global top scores, or upper league team prizes.

save your silver chests and rubies. Every event look at what is offered in the silver/runic chests if what you want is there open until you get it…
based on percentages you wont get it right away…its just a keep saving and trying until you do.

I notice silver chests don’t really offer glyphs either. I’m looking for some good warrior glyphs because I plan on getting Lockjaw this season but the only glyphs that have come through are ammo glyphs.

The bonus’s those glyphs provide are mostly unique to the season dragon though.

glyphs are basically non existent. Best glyphs are from other seasonal warriors.

Best thing to do is save sigils and get the 1/2 warrior in a few weeks. The glyph will most likely offer Warrior HP or Attack and something else.

And yes they are sometimes unique but they still offer the best boosts.
Like the glyph that offers HP boost and Rage…doesnt matter what dragon it goes on it is nice. But those are very rare.

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I plan on getting the 1/2 season warrior so I guess that’ll hopefully help. Thanks for the help!

not a problem, that’s what the forums and community is supposed to be here for.


The primary is, but the secondary is usually something more helpful such as rage, hp, or attack.

Recently Gryff and Arboralith both had 8% warrior attack and Tarax had 8% warrior hp.

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