Any chance of a Magmorr Remake

So I have been looking through my old divines (Necroth, Magmorr, Grumble) and was just thinking how something similar to Magmorr would be great, most players today have never even seen it and there arent any similar dragon templates. It has to be one of my favorite dragons visually (terrible statistically)

The difference is Consurgens is blue while he’s orange and has black horns, Consurgens isn’t the best legendary compared to Whalegnawer. Omar is better skill wise since it can blink and has death gaze

Someone pls explain how someone could get this back in the day

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I have ormarr :man_shrugging:And no divines were not easy to get lol

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Towers didn’t require as many shots to kill as they do now days. Consurgens was a lot more forgiving than whalenawer due to the heal mark. In today’s game I wouldn’t touch it lol, but back then, with low damage towers, slow moving projectiles, and steal essence being quite an op spell for the tier, the dragon was quite useful.

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How did you get him though detailed steps?

This is an old event system with eggs fragments
You had to breed his parents and kinnaraku and frigg breed this old divine and fragments were earned during seasonal events👍


It’s impossible to get them now?

Unless pg brings them back yes.

You wouldn’t want them, they are obsolete. Just looking at them during temple raid but not flying them.

It is, has been since 2016, that’s why I was suggesting a remodel, like they have done with multiple dragons


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