Any chance of dynamic storage hut at L100?

One of my pet hates is the tiny storage hut.

Each farm holds more than the storage hut.

To level up a dragon I need to click on a dragon level up once, goto a farm get some more food out , back to the dragon roster tab click on the dragon do another level and so on, sometimes I need to click on farms 2-4x each to get all the food out. This is a frustrating process and causes RSI.

I also don’t want to waste timers taking the storage hut past L100. So please don’t even think about taking the storage hut past 100 ill live with the current setup if that is the only way to solve it.

So how about once we hit the max L100 storage hut it turns into a dynamic storage solution?

The storage hut max storage at L100 could = farm max storage x 4.

This will let the storage hut hold double the capacity of both farms of each type.

As farms continue to evolve and level up then the storage hut will automatically adjust to cater for this increase.


I would also find it acceptable to level the storage to, say, level 105. But only if every level adds a substantial amount, like 50%. If it’s 1-2% increases as before then no thanks.


I think 10m each of Food and Lumber would be a decent storage level at maxed storage hut


Ah… I ve just imagined that world where I don’t have to upgrade my storage anymore…:relieved: what a blissful experience… I might have transcended into heaven :angel:


I’m down for a fairly hefty storage increase. It would just make it convenient to not have to keep tapping multiple things to level up my dragons


True :joy:

Hang in there, level 442 is where you get the last ones, then you’re free!


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