Any chance of sigil packs? :D

With the third base exotic line (unprecedented) , Occy line and the Draconics line all released at the same time is there any chance the sigil packs will be released?

I’m assuming all these goodies is to entice some player spend but its hard to spend if there is nothing to buy lol.

I would recommend adding the sigil packs so that players that want to can take up the offers - cheers :slight_smile:


@pgjared - some really nice items released this week.

Seems odd that there arent any sigil packs?

Its like Mercedes bringing out a new car but not accepting payment in any currency at all.

How will people buy these new things if you dont give people a way to use their CC?

Seems like your pack team isnt in sync with the release team.

Unless you guys are doing us a favour, no charge and these items are just to be grinded for?

Just seems like a missed opportunity - its a good way to get impatient people like me to spend up and buy today so I don’t have to grind all weekend because im also quite lazy. Plz dont make me do a Paskinel and farm all weekend :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:

Otherwise make me in charge of the sales team ill get spend up I know how to bait all the people just like me! …^^**^%% Shinnnny thhhhiinnnnngs :,^^

We cant resist them!

Unless you guys are accepting nudes for lines?

Because legit just not seeing any other way to get this stuff with my plastic cards


At least you can paskinel your way if you have to.

I can’t.


Farming is fun but it is not for everyone.
So PG just pls give DZ his sigil packs.
It’s the easiest win-win situations I have ever seen.
He spends and gets his sigils.He is happy.
You get his money.You are happy.
Everyone is happy hahahahaha