Any fun amazing and solid platinum or sapphire teams with 6-15 available spaces?


6 possible 15 or us looking for a really fun and solid team to join with a team culture that jives with us. Namely, collaboration, every member is a leader and not getting irked with group emails from non officers. Not looking for diamond. Plat 1 or 2 or will consider a strong sapphire 3 team. All at lvl 100 plus.


Hey! We are a Plat 2 team with plenty of room for at least 10. We are looking for all level 100+ and are looking to move up. Would LOVE to speak with you about joining us. We are a close knit group and are going through a change to weed out the ones who are either not participating or are not very good at the game. We have amicably parted ways with a few players due to difference in how to play the game so we are definitely looking for quite a few solid players. Reply if you are interested and we can talk about this and maybe get something going!


If you guys are still looking for a home. We got room and would love to have you atm we are platinum 4 but are working our way up. And with some extra level 100+ levels we would be there in no time. Team: PrimalWyverns
Yoh can always mail me or any of our officers or leader.


Procuro uma equipe ativa, de idioma português BR se possível!


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