Any Idea about new tier dragon coming?

It has been almost half a year since obsidian dragon released, just wondering when new tier dragon will be released.

Been waiting for it despartly.



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Same here. Think they come next breeding

lol they said every next breeding, but already passed like 4 times xd

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Nah they roll out a new tier every 4 months and the next one was due on December 22.

As a matter of fact breeding happens only in a monthly cycle so my guess is we see it end of January

Really hope it will be next breeding. Havent heard any news from PG or WD official site tho.

You do understand that releasing a new tier every 4 months is not a sustainable model, right? Everybody is super thrilled that you have every dragon while the remaining 99% of people are playing catch up.

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Only the non spenders lx :crazy_face:

Diamond is full of completed obsidians.

And giving non spenders end game content isn’t a model what any game uses.


Like right now, i guess at least 90% ppl in D1 has noctua right? or has at least one obsidian dragon when you are lvl250 and above.

For no spenders, they will never catch up. No offense

I understand that but they really screwed up the cadence of releasing new tiers. 3 new sets of dragons per year is unsustainable. Both from the viewpoint of players and developers. I think they’ve stretched it for that very reason but who knows. Besides these dragons are more than capable of defeating any base in the game currently. It does take skill and is certainly not a cake walk but it is doable. I wish I had the skill but I don’t.

Even 90% of D1 is a small overall percentage of the entire game. I also think that number is highly inflated.

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How’s going?
You dont talk much in LC do you? :grin:
Noctua is still strong at this moment, but taking lvl60 tower with defenders is really hard.
90% in D1 is smal percentage, but compare to all leagues, players over lvl250 or even higher for sure they have at least one obsidian dragon which means need a new tier ASAP.
Even on releasing mystic winterride dragon on January, it must have a new tier evolving stone, otherwise its not even worth to working hard on any of events to gain winter sigil. :sweat:

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Lol I’m just waiting to see cool spells and dragons​:joy::joy:

Either way…it’s good that PG isn’t releasing a new tier yet. Oh wait did I jinx it? :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Amythest Tier, Iron Tier, Amber Tier, Ruby Tier, Diamond Tier, Volcanic Tier, Pearl Tier, Asteroid Tier, Asphalt Tier??!?! Who knows?

Super OP spells? White Cloak, Buffed Noxious Vines, Spell Flux that destroys the whole base​:joy::joy:

New Divine Evo Stone…more sigils :see_no_evil::man_facepalming:

Never had enough sigil :rofl:
White Cloak? Thats too super hah


People complain that the tiers are coming out too fast, people complain that they aren’t coming out fast enough, what is poor PG to do? Smh :woman_facepalming:t2:


Ppl complained all the time, what can ppl do about it?
Just have to live with it :tired_face:

I am more than ready for a new tier. :grinning:

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That might be the problem with spending, it can get boring once you get them all. Nothing to plan and look forward to … :thinking:

Plutonium tier :thinking:
Cryptonium tier :thinking:


need plenty of eggs for research.
Never have enough
Never bored
or why ppl can still play WD for 3 years xd