Any one have issues like this

I have been getting this kind of error since I first started playing. Though this time it is only off by one and not several. Any clue as to cause or fix???

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Yes, it’s been reported many times. Usually exiting the event fixes it, but other times it doesn’t. Just wait until you have a 5 or 6 counter up there.

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Yep… I have exact same thing… happens often, but seems to be harmless.

I have this problem to. I’ve been tricked into thinking I had rewards so many times already.

Thanks for sending this over, Draven! I’ve notified some folks on the dev team about it. I believe they’re already aware, but wanted to make sure it was surfaced up again for their consideration! :slight_smile:

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I have too but its not a problem. PG must fix others glitch…

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I have all the time. I can’t get rid of it. It is really annoying

claim your prizes more slowly usually works for me.

Seems to clear when I exit the event but returns with the next new attack of the event

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Good info to know, thank you!

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