Any one know the nearest amount of rubies?

One would need to complete a entire tree not looking for a guestimation but a between amount of rubies

A single season branch?

The average is 145000 rubies. This is based on a rough 1067 per 10 sigil chests. I cannot guarantee it is exactly that number but it should be within 20-30 rubies per 10 chests based on past numbers. This does not include a 5k sigil drop which changes things.

So 140000-150000. This is just the above number plus or minus a set of 10 chests.



119.92 average sigils, including Bonus, without 5k

Thank you I just wanted to see where I stand im the type to rather have more then enough this makes it more easier to get my ducks in a row

Open golds with rubys in pvp, dont need buy sigils in the end as you will perform great in events during season.

Is there’s anything that I hate is falling short of something

On double sigil weeks how many rubies would it take to complete a tree

They haven’t done double sigils from chests in a long time. Super Sigil Chests kinda took that over.

My fault

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