Any quick base upgrade recommendations?

any reorganization recommendations? I have a mildly upgraded rider which is currently disabled (defense is sitting around 880m Unboosted and about 1.42B boosted). Also kinda wondering what to do with my electro flak

Unless you spend a lot or the economy fix works better than I’d expect you’ll run out of embers before you can max your flaks (end game).

Electro flak is my least favorite so I’d drop that one. Others may disagree.

Otherwise keep maxing your kill island and ignore the rest of the base except for farms

Most wont disagree, imo…

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You don’t need fire turret in current setup. I see that you are preparing lightning towers but that can create lot of xp burden for level up.

Yea plan is to get everything but the fire turret, electro flak and back red mage to level 60. Probably get the back red mage in the 50s. Curious if I should move some things around on big island

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Yea the islands in front of the home island are just kinda there to kill any low level guys that would finish my farms with ember. Just there to Eat time really, haven’t leveled them in a couple years

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I prefer dark flaks on the front row instead of the middle. I don’t like risking them not being able to fire due to the short range.

You need a small kill island where your farms are, then other 5 best towers in front of your farms at the very end of your base. Then only lvl what’s on your small island until you cap tower lvls. This will increase your defense capability, and able to sustain building up much easier

Umm no? I disagree. Having a long island setup is the way to go. Eventually going with lighting’s in the back. Yes move the dark flak up a spot. Electric and ice right there might be pretty good together cause you can really get someone by surprise. Maybe switch the ff with IF tho? Cause the FF has more attack power? I’d good start tho to a long island setup OP

Eventually is the key word, but I’m a 443, and still not ready for long island. Don’t have the tower lvls, not till around 480-490 if you want a good base till then. Everyone with long island below that lvl range is way easier.

I thought the ideal time to switch to long was around 380ish. I wish I stopped upgrading my first perch to save them for my second one :frowning:

Yea I’ve liked having the Long Island, been pretty effective for me, I’ll have 7 capped towers after this event. I’ve considered moving the dark flak up front but the way I think of it is if the flyer blinks or uses a shield/cloak type spell he dodges flak ss. With two mages up front he’ll have to dodge and there’s a chance flak ss won’t fire until he’s targetable again, plus flyer has to kill the mages which will give time flak time to do some damage, shield just adds to that delay obviously. FF up front over IF up front because it’s essentially increasing HP of my entire front island which allows DF to rain hellfire. I could potentially move IF up front and storm in the back but then that leaves my island rather defenseless. Maybe I could swap FF and IF though since typically shield is up while FF SS perk is active.

If I move DF up front, I’ll need to move the storm behind it

Depends as max tower lvls go up it keeps pushing lvl back to keep max towers. Wanna focus on 5 and keep 5 maxed at all time. You will cap in 60s, but then the ob and harb tier give 10 lvls each tier. So impossible to keep 10 maxed after that.

Hmm that is a good point, I’ll have to wait and see if I can maintain my 7-8 towers capped through level 70 or 75

That is true, he also has a ton of flaks which will start to get expensive here really soon. I’m hitting a little rough patch shoetage around lvl 69 towers so had to do base boost this season. Plus they are adding a few elemental embers but idk to support 4 at max

I’ll likely swap blue for electro

Event live btw

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Maybe drop space to lay in some Rage Siphoning?

You can have 7 maxed towers from about level 280.
From level 400 you can have 8 maxed towers.
Then around level 460 you can have 9 maxed towers.


I’m obviously doing something wrong then, I only have 5 90s at 443, and they aren’t maxed. But elemental embers are the real struggle.

But 12 billion defense, so I’m not complaining. Good luck with y’alls base building :+1: