Any tips for Ladron or is he just an expensive cleanup dragon?

Maybe it’s me, but a mythic abyssal sorcerer who cost a mortgage payment should not be this easy to kill. He was purposely designed with no shield or support to temporarily block attacks and no resist to anything. How he is supposed to be valuable? What am I missing? That lockdown is the worst, but why would a dragon with random attack shots be good for a lockdown spell? But going with that, why not make it as good as entrap? Actually locking down weapons, like 3 or so,to give a chance. And the heals marks, it’s a shame you don’t gain health for hitting the weapon marked vs taking it out. Huge difference and actually gives him a chance because no shield of any kind and no resist means he takes everything. But it could be me. I asked what was the design purpose and have yet to get a final answer.

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