Any tips on flying Apophet?

So I just obtained Apophet. I remember when Apo was regarded as hot stuff when I first started playing this game. Of course the highest tier at the time was Garnet. My how the times have changed…

Anyway, I just got there myself and while Apo is definitely no longer qualified as hot stuff, I figure he still should be reasonably decent for a lineage dragon.

But I am having trouble figuring out how to fly him. I got the Umbral spike down pat, it seems to be basically just death gaze. But the Nocturnal Fissure and Nightfall - cant figure out how to use those to my benefit.

As he is just a baby (with feeding possibly next week, I wont train him yet) I am doing runs on FreeXP. Nocturnal Fissure says it absorbs 100% of projectile damage. The first island of FreeXP is entirely projectile towers. Yet if I go through that Island keeping NF up, I end up 2/3 dead by the end of that island. Am I doing something wrong or is NF not working as intended?

Any tips on how to fly this beast? Thanks

Try this link.

Also when I use Apophet on FreeXp280, I equip a storm tower resist spell. Spike the other towers and let his shadow deal with storm tower. He doesn’t need to use nocturnal fissure if you time it right.

If you were to use nightfall, and then use nocturnal fissure, then any damage absorbed by the fissure(a portion of the damage) will added as health to Apophet, therefore healing him.
This is coming from a player that is in gold tier.

By damage, I mean the damage that the projectiles from the towers would’ve done to Apophet but that we’re absorbed by the fissure

It also absorbs far less projectile damage than normal before shutting down.

True. I’m nowhere near getting him since I’m currently working on Yersinu but I know a thing or two about how to fly/use Apophet well

I got him as my 1st mythic saph so i can fly him quite well. Normally before i reach kill island i’ll activate nightfall so that I can kill dark flak with white umbral spike. Afterthat i quickly tap nightfall again to use nocturnal fissure to heal myself while keep swiping with 3 shots. Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Apophet have glitch at NightFalls Spell. If that spell is fix again, you can make Apophet to Lead Attacker in every base :wink:

You can burn Freexp280 at Apophet lvl 9, just using umbral spark spell for 60-72%

Im getting 71% with just Umbral spike at level 1. I mainly was asking about the other two spells.

But it sounds like the consensus is that they arent worth it.

If understand correctly use nightfall only if there is a red mage, and pretty much dont use Nocturnal Fissure.

Nightfall spell have 3 affect :

  1. Change Umbral spark and Nocturnal to White Spell
  2. For Healing if you using umbral and nocturnal
  3. If NightFall activated, the Apophet Shadow is increase Damage 50%
  1. Yes
  2. This is what they say doesnt work right. If it doesnt work right then what use is it?
  3. For one swipe only. What good is that? Not worth the rage

I didn’t know about #3. So if nightfall is on, I can leave it on indefinitely and the Shadow will keep the 50%? :thinking:

  1. Not work when you only have 1 rage in rage bar… you can try if you only have 1 rage so use nightfalls spell

Fixed an exploit where Apophet’s Summon Warrior would cause Apophet to not take regular damage.
(Looks Update 4.16 Notes)

I read that function at here

Ah, just one hit :confused:. I cannot keep up with the intricacies of the game. :crazy_face:

I tend to just use nightfall and umbral spike so it’s a white spell which can decimate a death isle. I occasionally use nightfall and nocturnal fissure but usually only if I have a fireball charging for my face which would kill me lol

Nightfall boost rage generation too. But nightfall is bugged now, even after the fix.

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It. Is. Not. V4.30. Yet.



Current version is 4.24