Any Tricks Here: Research Egg count?


So. I want to just confirm how many harb eggs i have, but i can’t seem to figure out a way around asking support. Figured i’d see if there were tricks.

  • I am L310 with a L39 builders hut, so the upgrade menu is not available to check
  • Research doesn’t go up this high
  • My zeppelin balloon doesn’t work, it just indicates that I have above 1 egg

I could back count from breeding, but i’m not sure how many I had previously made for points last event knowing that i needed 8 more eggs total for hut levels. I also am not sure how many fragments i had on Opes prior to this breeding event so i don’t know if i got one or more from him. Sigh

Anywhere else to check


Same problem, I’m scared I don’t have enough to finish builder’s hut when I can.


Avoided this issue this go around, but will definitely be facing the same issue over the next couple months… trying to keep track but easy to miss something.

Inventory Summary… Anyone?


I always just ask support, but I have found that there is some lag in their system, so the total may not include eggs that were made shortly before. Would be great if we could get a count somewhere in game that is always accessible (i.e., not the incubator or castle, as those are often upgrading).


Inventory is in one of those 2019 thread things but who knows how long that’ll be :sob:


Hopefully less than 10 months :sweat_smile:


Shouldn’t worry to much about checking your eggs. You need 20 harbinger eggs in total for the builders hut, 12 can be used before level 330 then 4 at level 330 and last 4 at level 340. So unless your off up 30 levels next fort you should be ok


Um yah… winging it just isn’t our thing…


Well. When i hit L330 i want to have a minimum of 4 eggs on hand so i can upgrade my hut right away. I already have the first 12 done, so need 4. I know i have 1+, and the next time i get eggs is the breeding AFTER i hit 330 in fort event. So i need to know that i have 4 in total for the fort event when i hit 330.

So thanks for the advice but I do believe I know exactly what i’m doing and the question is relevant. It will make me know how many extra eggs i need to breed over the next few events. This helps my season planning, token rationing, how well i do in events, etc.

So while it may not be important to you, it is to me. And at what, 15k tokens a pop it’s not something i’m extremely anxious to be conservative about. Especially since the jorm breed when i hit L330 will give me 12 additional eggs.


:thinking: Same way, but different data packet as how to read chest drop…


Which parents that can give 12 extra harbinger eggs?



That’s a good question. Maybe they can do something similar to what they did for evo stones recently. We used to have to ask support how many stones We had so maybe they could put a button in the zeppelin that opens an inv box that tell you how many eggs of each type you have available to spend? If I am understanding you correctly you have upgraded your builders hut and given it some harb eggs but it is not telling you how many more you need to become vanguard egg locked yet? Forgive my ignorance I’m still kinda new to the game and am currently trying to get noctua so I haven’t had a problem when I go to the builder hut to upgrade it it allways tells me how many more I need and of what kind. For example it is telling me to feed it more emerald eggs and I know you are knowledgeable in this game and I’m allways constantly asking questions because I want to know everything :joy:


Too my knowledge, no where to check. You will need 4 at 330 and 4 at 340. When I bred Balahm and Sanguis, I picked up more than enough harbinger eggs to finish all the builder hut upgrades I have coming up. I am currently lvl323.


You are absolutely right. I forgot i still had the Kaze breed next which is a plethora of eggs.

Thanks! This solves this issue, however i’d still like to know if anyone has a backdoor way to find out how many you have


Look at packet data?


lol :rofl:


Nah, it’s true. However, also least favorable ones since I need to port the data to PC first (as it’s listed after lengthy csv tweaks…)


I mean yeah! its true but have to work so much :sweat_smile: and need to learn how to do it :sleepy:


It’s easier than chest drop though, as the data is the biggest one (first packet bigger than 400kb)
Also, not too hard once you do it once or twice :laughing: