Any update for Temple Raid?

Since Temple Raid is this week, does PG have any update on fixing this exploit ?




Given the events page still says “Strangelands” and we have almost completed 4 events into Frozen Chaos I doubt they have done anything.


I hope certain teams that normally cant get better then 20th in a pvp dont place 2nd magically again :japanese_goblin:


Would be good if PG can say its a bannable offence or its the new normal so everyone can compete appropriately.

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At the very least make it the same offense as reducing a base down to only farms during this event to give an unfair advantage to another team. Both tactics are clear violations of the game intent.

But it would be nice if we could hear some kind of update about this. If it isnt punished or isnt fixed then my team will not bother trying for any supercharges, it’s just a waste of rss for any team not doing it


I agree. Its actually quite easy to accidentally skip a checkpoint.

I accidentally did it last time. I launched my initial attack and had 1 defender - the connection was shocking with a 9-7-6 etc pause timer every few seconds and it took like 7 minutes to complete the attack.

On completion my kill gave credit past the checkpoint since the checkpoint guys cleared before my attack completed.

So I would say defending hits in TR will put your team at a huge disadvantage and give the other team free distance on the next leg.

Pethaps an easy fix would be to delete the checkpoint pve guards and just make them progress save points only?

Killing weak pve guards is kinda boring anyway more pvp the better.

They clear said they will work on fix the loopholes, so its clear that it aint “normal” .Any team using the “cheats” this pvp should get banned if they do.


How do you work out who is cheating vs people that do a legitimate attack and get a slow run from 1D or 2D?

They should probably disable defence this TR so that exploits are 100% provable.

Going to suck for anyone that gets banned that performed a hit in good faith.

As I am in Australia with a Droid if anyone from Russia, Eastern Europe or the middle east defends my run its slow as hell. I’ll have to video record it but honestly it takes close to 10 minutes with all the 10 second freeze and resyncs during the hit.

On one hand maybe not the worst thing to get banned from this game anyway lol :sweat_smile::rofl::joy:


How can it be bannable?

It can happen by accident, e.g I discovered it was possible when I started a run and accidentally finished it after the guards (yes guards can go down quicker than player bases take to complete… cause… Krelos).


Seems speed is king has a technical drawback lmao
It’s called lag :rofl:
Lag they created…….:man_facepalming::boom:

And here yet another hunt phase approaches and still no improvements :+1:

How many months does it take to get something past the bean counters ?
How hard is it to add +1 to drop density for 24 hrs ?


Gotta admit its funny that they call it a treasure hunt.

You get like 5x the chests doing the actual event :frowning:

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How about just making it permanent forever being they have not adjusted drop% in years and they have never used density to adjust drop!
They have done so only once for hunt phase in the past and apparently they can do it over night….
And they have never done it again and that’s because then they would have to admit they can actually balance the economy!
Yeah I said it ……
Drop is the true value of our time……
Not adding prizes to their short term mandatory event cycle that’s basically become burden of play!!

And let me ask PG do you think anyone is going to enjoy playing a known broken @ss event ?
It’s getting kinda ridiculous :man_shrugging:

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Well, looks like PG had no follow-through with fixing it since we just saw several teams using it right after battle went live. So no point in honest teams wasting rss trying to race.

a couple people on a team doing it is an honest mistake. An entire team doing it is not an accident, it’s knowingly using an exploit. It wouldn’t be as simple as “oh your attack was slow, ban for you.” They would have to look at the overall activity and also if it is being done repeatedly. Doesnt need to be a permaban but a temporary 1 week ban and/or forfeit of all personal and team prizes that week for the whole team.

I like TR but it is, unfortunately, the most heavily exploited event which kills a lot of the enjoyment and any desire to try to compete in it.


Yep I agree it’s long been broken so let’s punish the player base further by banning teams……

Yeah I think this dam event has cost us more than enough players already! :triumph:

How about pg just fix the event or remove the ss race temporarily!

That would have at least provided us a fair event if not a little boring it at least would have had a shot at not being exploited….
Yeah I don’t like the idea of teams utilizing this glitch but really at this point it’s on pg as much as it the players!

It’s not like they didn’t know :man_shrugging:
And something could have been done but it wasn’t ………

Issue warnings and rework this antiquated short term event so it’s actually viable somewhat!

Because apparently it takes unmitigated abuse before we see change……

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I really don’t understand the need for the vp steal, it doesn’t impact team standings, and only holds teams with lower lvls from being able to progress through the event. The ones that are willing to spend are still doing it, and they aren’t going to choose the teams that are competitive with them because they can’t use the zoom Krelos to get it done as fast. So, all the teams will choose the team that offers the highest point at the quickest game, meaning generally speaking that team is going to struggle the most with just getting out of the gate.

I would say at this point all vp steal should just be erased in events and just make it about who can get the most points. Will still get them huge cash from those willing to pay to just mega all day!

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The exploiting is still going, sorry but well done PG. I hope u take actions after this pvp…


I’d even know what it is​:joy::rofl::see_no_evil:

Essentially it’s people abusing the TR boosted island mechanics.

Hopefully there are some points deductions after the event.

Lol….I’ll tell the jokes……it’s just wee man syndrome best part of average every event till this one…we should really just stand back and admire …… lol or just make soup with the cabbages…waste of time

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