Any update on 2021 poll?

HI PG team,

Most software houses develop code every 2 week in a sprint which form a program increment spanning 12 weeks.

Given a fair bit of time has passed (2.5 months) is there an update on if PG will be implementing any of the players ideas and approximate timeframe for each item?

To be honest I thought most of them would of been done and pushed to production by now given they were pretty easy changes. “Quick Wins”

As a fellow product owner ( with a software engineering background ) I would of had these completed in 4 weeks.

Sprint 1 - Gather business requirements, scope level of effort and complete business design for my devs / engineers. Complete proof of concept in sandbox.

Sprint 2 - code written and deployed / tested in lower environments Dev and UAT. Deployed to Prod once UAT acceptance tests passed.

I get that you have apple and google play store that need to do some review before it ends up in the store and this is a blocker/ hindrance.

But still if I look at the list its not overly complex. ( Atlas event clearly more complex and I would not expect this one done in your current PI lots of features that need to be scoped and planned for )

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They have already implemented some of them, apparently. I believe Galileo said that they are still working on some as well. I know for sure he said that they are actively working on and testing the “open x amount of chests” feature.


Thanks Jalen, good to know there is some progress!

Around 5 years ago PG would do these polls, within a week they would say these 5 we can do these 3 we can’t do.

Then they would say this one is config and its now done just reload the app to see the change.

These other 4 are all code related. 2 of them have dependencies and will be in 3 months away the other 2 are easier and will be part of the next patch in a month.

I could of easily missed some of the comms but I just don’t feel like the comms these days has the same meat to it.


I will update this today!


Legend!!! :slight_smile: