Any update on fixing leveling after 300?

So I know it’s been discussed in previous threads that being said I can’t find it/haven’t seen it talked about in a hot minute. So is anybody aware of a possible fix to this issue? Like anybody whose over 300 knows the exponential slow down of leveling is a bit much.:sweat_smile:


My main account lvled 5 lvls last fort event…

Lvl 379 to 384

I’m specifically talking about the scaling issue i.e. going from 100k xp for one level to 400k xp.

An unofficial fix requires taking out a loan from the bank for financing your digital home. /sarcasm :rofl:


I forgot to @PGJared and every other admin…sorry Jared😬

Happens at 197 as well, went from lvling with about 1 1/2 builds maybe less to at least 3 suddenly. Just part of the game

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Like I was saying the lvling didn’t bother me

What level was your account when you got it and what level is it now. And how much time did you level that much. Leveling does slow drastically upwards of 300.

Deathbypuppies did 5 lvls in 1 event

I mentioned the lvls above

Didn’t know that was your alt. And to get a more accurate representation of how much you level on average not just the singular event where you could’ve spent quite a bit. Can you remember how many levels you did over the course of 4 maybe 5 fort events?

This last event I spent $0 went up 5 lvls, focusing on front island going all to 60 and 2 storage lvls (flaks were already 60, so it was red mage/blue mage/iceturret)

Fort before that I focused mainly on my castle island stuff, so very little lvling from those towers… went up 3 lvls mainly from Ice flak and couple other towers

@PGJared @PGDave any input on this pls?

I’ve watched people who before they hit 300 do 5-10 levels maybe more per fort. Now those same people are getting 2 maaaaybe 3 levels per fort. This is a known issue and like I said in my initial post it’s been discussed before.

Is slow growth such a bad thing when breeding takes so long? (Genuine question, not being funny). I know that at the moment I feel like I am levelling too fast to keep up with my divines so fort is getting tricker now. I can only imagine that continues with dragons being as expensive to breed later. I have no idea what the breeding reqs are level wise for obsidion and harb though

I don’t believe it is a bad thing at all.

Lol how long it take you to get to over 350 I’m curious

Well the absurd amount of xp it takes to go from 300-333 (that’s just to max legendary harbs) is absurd and like I said I don’t know the specific number but when it was brought up like 2-3 months ago the numbers were put out there.

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I’m a level 321 with Destar. Unless I dump a boat load of money into leveling, I will not be able to max my dragons for another year or so (if they leave the xp requirements per level and xp gained from towers as they are). That’s beyond frustrating, when before 300 I was always able to reach level requirements within a reasonable time frame and have the ability to use my dragons at their full potential.

Anyways, I believe PG has already stated in the past that they would be adjusting this. At least one build event has gone by since they stated that and there still hasn’t been an update from them, so I think that’s the purpose of this forum thread. @PGJared is there any new info available regarding this?


I need to get to 354 before I can level Destar again…anyone know what it takes to get him to expert? Thanks in advance!

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