Any way to use xp on a dragon with no evolution stone?


I have dragons I can’t evolve any further but dungeon. Constantly shows them to train as they’d have the XP is there any way to use up this XP as you can with maxed dragons. I can’t get stones which is fine an totally understandable but all the earned XP I saw wasted sitting there an they are annoying to see as the dragons den keeps tellingly me to train them. If I didn’t get reminded of them ever time I have a training event with the train sign over the den I would have asked. If I can remove them from showing it would be ok too.


Unfortunately there’s nothing you can do with that excess XP. Evolving dragons with enough XP will have the exclamation mark showing up, regardless the availability of the stone.

It’s the same with the food on any given dragon: you have the exclamation mark when you meet the XP requirement, and it won’t go away just because you don’t have enough food, :hugs:


Only time you can transfer XP off an evolving divine dragon is if you manage to get it all the way to expert :woman_shrugging: though transfering XP via rubies is increadibly expensive and totally not worth doing outside of a feeding event. Even then, you have to be careful how much xp you transfer. You don’t want to spend more rubies transfering xp than you can earn back in the event prizes.


This would be an awesome fix

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